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Einstein's theory of special relativity is astonishing. As you can see, the servant who is moving fast will have a shorter age
in terms of the servant who is still. This was a direct example of time dilation.
This view is often misinterpreted by many
people, including me. But there is a difference. Some people not only misinterpret it, but they also turn the knife on it and say that this theory is "wrong". To disprove this theory, a pseudo‐paradox, called the twin paradox, was invented. In fact, it is not a paradox. So how is this not a paradox?

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First of all, this is what we know in secret!
Suppose there are two twins, one of whom goes on a space trip. The speed of his spacecraft is half the speed of light.
Now the twins on Earth are watching the spacecraft move away from it. And the servant of the spaceship will see that the
one on earth is moving away. In other words, the Earth man sees that his brother in the spacecraft is in motion. And the
astronaut sees his brother on the ground moving. Einstein's theory of relativity states that clocks that are in motion will
measure time less and those that are stationary will measure more time. Will be and will be older than the static. But we
saw that in the example of the twins, they were both looking at each other in motion. So whose age has decreased and
whose age has increased? The astronaut will claim that I was still. You were moving away from me. So you grew up and I
grew up. In the same way, the owner of the earth will claim that no, you were in motion in the spacecraft, so you became
small. These two claims contradict each other. Because the two are not on the same page. And the same logic makes it
look like a paradox, but as I said before, it's not a paradox. First we know what the people in the theory of relativity will
agree on.
۔ The laws of physics are the same in every inertial frame. In simple words, witnesses will agree on these rules in every
inertial frame.

  1. The speed ﴾in space﴿ is constant in each inertial frame. That is, everyone will agree on the speed of light in space.
    These are two special additions. One thing is clear from them that inertial frames and inertial frames are equal to each
    other. So if you are in any inertial frame you can change your inertial frame. And thanks to Lawrence Transformation, you
    can do that.
  2. They will agree on what happened and what did not happen.
    They will agree on which servant is doing the haste. In the same way, they will agree on which servant is not doing the
    fast. And this shows which servant was still and which was not.
    Well, these were the things we knew we needed. If we want to know which slave was static and which was not, then we
    need to know which slave was accelerating, then which slave was accelerating? Acceleration is basically a change in
    velocity. And the Earth's frame of reference is almost an inertial frame. That is why it can be considered as an inertial frame. So what about the astronaut? The spacecraft's velocity has changed many times. First, when the spacecraft began
    to fly and gradually increased its speed, then when the spacecraft will be slowed down to take a U‐turn, and when it turns,
    its speed will be increased. And finally, to stop the spacecraft, it has to slow down. This means that the frame of reference
    of the earth and the frame of reference of the spacecraft are different. Therefore, in principle, there is no difference
    between who is static and who is not. In principle, the spacecraft was in a non‐inertial frame. While the brother who was
    on the ground was in the inertial frame. These two frames are not the same nor can they be exchanged with each other in
    special relativity. As a result, the frame of reference became "non‐energetic" as the servant in the spacecraft began to
    Important thing
    You cannot replace inertial frames and non‐inertial frames when you are making special additions. Similarly, if you
    cannot change, the person who will travel on the spacecraft will not be able to use the equation of time dilation. And since
    he can't use the equation in terms of special addition, he can't claim that you're small. A long time ago, in one of my
    posts, I also had the time dilation equation used by the "non‐energy spacecraft" man ... how null I am!
    You keep that in mind and don't do it. Yes, if there is a spacecraft that is traveling at a constant speed that does not change speed or direction then you will be able to use the time dialing equation.
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