My Hive goals for 2023 and joining Saturday Savers Club

Wednesday, 4th of January 2023 [2]

From my very first days on Hive I was reading my friends articles about their goals and progress in achieving them. I wanted to join in ASAP, but first I had to watch, read, learn and calculate. Seeing the plethora of second layer tokens on Hive made my head spin and it is still spinning! In those 2 months on Hive I have however picked a few tokens with various usecases that I want to concentrate on. I will leave L2 tokens goals for another article, cause you know... I love talking too much.

Now that the year is ending (that's when I started drafting this), I feel it is a good time to set some goals. I have already committed to becoming a Newborn Cub by the end of 2023 by publishing my first article with this alt account on LeoFinance. This goal will require me to stack 2000 Leo tokens, although I made it 2023 Leo to match the year. Why not ;)

Stable coins savings

My next goal will be in both - my local currency and HBD - and will follow the 365 days plan as explained here by @eddie-earner . I will use a penny and HBD cent as a starting point and increase it by 1 every day, until it reaches 3.65 in both currencies by 31st of December 2023. I should be able to save a total of 667.95.

sat savers club1.png

To start with I will be following the weekly schedule and later I will most likely change into the daily top-ups, time allowing of course. I have 2 separate goals for these 2 funds. 1 is a trip to either Peru or Philippines and the other is a new laptop. Truth be told, none of these 2 funds will 100% cover any of these 2 goals, but I am hoping to be saving a little more and topping up each of these piles with a remaining amount should be easier than for example paying for my flight tickets in 1 go from my regular salary. These are my 'stable coins' savings.

Growing my HP stack

Above all, I do want to grow my HP stack, as this is incredibly important to me in order for my vote to have more power and influence in this amazing platform.

Like with Leo, I want my Hive goals to also be attainable and ambitious at the same time. This should keep me optimistic and motivated enough to put extra effort required to complete them.

hivebuzz redfish 04012023 2.JPG

Right now, I’m just an ordinary little Red Fish.

hivebuzz redfish 04012023.JPG

My position in Hive Buzz ranking is 10828 out of... I really don't know how many users there are on Hive. Making a note of this as a comparison.

According to the ss above (from THIS post by @arcange ) my next badge to receive is... the blue one. I think people call it the Minnow? Will this be my goal for 2023? Nahh, that wouldn’t be ambitions enough. Seeing my account growth, if I continue creating good quality content, that badge will be achieved in the first month of 2023!

Had I been focused on HP even more, that badge would already be in my pocket by the end of 2022. No point dwelling on it now though. I had other goals (planned and spontaneous alike) to achieve too and I have no regrets. In life we’re either earning or learning. I choose BOTH as valuable options.

In truth, I am a bit like Jenifer from ’The Witcher’ - the mage that wants it ALL. Have you watched the series? In one episode Jenifer wants to give her soul to the demon and when asked what does she want, she screams:


Well, that’s me. I want everything and ideally everything at once 😂

I want a nice HP stake, a nice LP stake, a nice position on dCrops, play all the interesting Hive games that I haven’t started yet, some #HivePunks NFTs, enough #ALIVE tokens to spread the alive love around and the same with LOH and many other second layer tokens.

While I sure can have everything if I chose to pay the price and put in the required effort, I also know I can not have it ALL at the same time. I have to set some priorities.

As I mentioned above, reaching the blue badge is not ambitious enough. In 2023 I am aiming for the green badge - the twin dolphins. I know that at this given moment this is VERY ambitious, but I am also a mathematician and I love the power of numbers.


Seeing my current monthly author and curation rewards alone does not paint a pretty picture for 2023. But that’s where the magic of numbers comes to play. Staking my HP is not only a goal, but also a tool. As my HP stake grows, so do my curation rewards.

As you can see above, after a month of staking my HP, my curation rewards were 3 times as big as the month before. In time my monthly curation rewards will be bigger and bigger and seeing how anal I become about never letting my voting mana reach 100%, I can be sure that my HP stake will play a vital role in achieving my 2023 goals.

fantagira bold.png

Let’s run some numbers though. Approximately 5565 HP is required to reach the level of twin dolphins.

My HP when I started drafting this article, right before the year has ended was 329.859, so let's round it up to 330HP starting position. I am looking at 5895 total HP by 31st of December 2023.

EDIT: Really unsure why I added my current stake on top of my goal, while all that matters is that I get to the Dolphins by the end of this year. SO let's scrap that addition. The total I am aiming for, including my initial stake is 5565HP.

My current power of my vote is mere $0.006. Just over half a cent, but I am very pleased with reaching this small amount in just 2 months. My goal is to make my vote worth $1, but this won't be my goal for 2023 ;)

Breaking big numbers into smaller numbers we have:

5565 HP per year = 463.75 HP per month.

My numbers for the past 2 months:

Nov’22 - $27.196 + 117.439HP author, 0.362 HP curation

Dec’22 - $46.085 + 148.202HP author, 1.264 HP curation

If we take December as a calculation figure we get 148.202 + 1.264 + 177.25 (Hive amount for $46 at the price of $0.26/Hive) = 326.71 HP per month.

Wow! Now that I see the numbers, my goal doesn’t even seem to be all that ambitious! I mean, yeah, I’d have to convert ALL my HBD to Hive (which I do anyway) AND not spend that Hive on any other tokens or NFTs. Seems easy enough, right?

326.71HP is not 463.75HP you say?

Yes, that’s true. Earning additional 137 HP per month really seems like a no brainer for me though. It’s the natural growth I am counting on here. As I add 326 HP to my stake each month, naturally my curation rewards will be higher and higher every next month. As I continue to create a high quality content on Hive, my followers count will naturally increase and so will the author rewards for my articles.

At this moment in time, I am also barely scratching the surface of Hive. All I do is post an overgrown article every few days and read and comment on many articles every day. I also started playing two different P2E games. I do however realise it’s not all that there is to Hive. There are many other opportunities in this amazing ecosystem, like:

  • Becoming a part of curation team

  • The whole world of L2 tokens just waiting for me to discover them (including passive income ones)

  • Contests and competitions organised by many different communities and projects

  • Many more p2e games

  • Becoming a part of the project I love and appreciate.

  • Delegating HP to other projects for passive income

Yes, I can see all the various opportunities and possible paths ahead of me, but I am threading very slowly and carefully. Starting to play dCrops for example was a no brainer for me. After all it is this game that made me reconsider posting on Hive after 1.5 years of owning an account and never posting a thing. I fell in love and I will continue to play dCrops for as long as the developers work on it and it keeps being fun.

As for other opportunities, it requires more learning and pondering. Like becoming a part of curation team sure sounds nice, but before this happens, I firstly need to get to know all the communities more to be able to pick the one closest to my heart. @ecency seems to be a natural choice, as I’ve been using their app from the day one and I am a regular guest on Ecency's daily/weekly/monthly leaderboards. Ecency also has a Guest curator program, which I am considering applying for, but I feel like I am still a bit too ‘young’ on this platform to participate in the initiatives like this.

There is a perfect timing for everything and the time to become a curator will come too. It just isn’t NOW. I also need to learn more about time requirement for this role.

fantagira bold.png

Contests and competitions are other opportunities that I barely scratched the surface of. There are many that I would like to participate in, but time juggling with my full time job and busy social life is still an issue. I have 1000’s of beautiful pictures in my photo galleries, ready to participate in various contests and many ideas to write about for the writing competitions, I just need more hours in each day to be able to participate MORE.

The contests and competitions that I already managed to find time to participate in, were quite fun, successful and with abundant prizes. I won various Hive upvotes, Hive and ALIVE tokens delegations and a few NFTs. It definitely pays to participate in various activities across Hive platform.

fantagira bold.png

In the past 2 months of 2022 I was juggling stacking my HP with buying/renting NFTs to play the games of my choosing as well as tokens that I see potential in.

In 2023 I am changing my approach and making my HP accumulation my primary goal. 463.75 HP per month might not be realistic from the very first months of 2023, but I will be aiming for this amount nonetheless and I will only consider spending my money elsewhere only after this monthly goal is achieved. The only exception from this rule would be purchasing Leo tokens from the market in case I am short of my monthly 166 Leo goal that I specified in THIS article.

What this means is that I will most likely not be spending any Hive on anything else but Leo and powering up in the first few months of this year. Having such a single headed GOAL will make my saving journey easier I hope. Being spoiled for choices is great but trying to catch too many birds at once never really worked well for me. There have to be some rules to maximise my growth on this platform as well as my savings.

Next time I will be tempted to buy another Alpha pack for dCrops I shall be strong and resist the temptation. It will be hard, but not undoable I believe. In those short 2 months I have already collected 5 lands, meaning I can comfortably plant at least 9 seeds at once. I have also collected a nice stack of seeds and this will have to do for the next few months. I will continue buying more packs in the future, once my HP monthly goal is exceeded and I can spare a few HBD for this purpose. I will also look into starting my journey with dCity and some other games that I’m eyeballing. All in perfect timing, which isn’t now.

Now it’s time to grow and secure my spot in Hive ecosystem as well as LeoFinace.

To make it more fun, let’s have a little contest going on. Although my current goal of achieving 5565 HP by the end of 2023 seems a little ambitious at the time of writing this article, I am confident in saying that I will achieve this goal well ahead of the scheduled date – 31st of December 2023.

Some of you might agree, while others will sure disagree. Whichever group you find yourself in, please state a date (including year), by which you think I will achieve my 5565HP goal. The person who will be the closest to the date that I achieve this goal will receive 1 000 ECENCY points from me. If there happen to be 1 person who will give me the exact day that I have 5565HP staked, I will double the price.

It’s a spare of the moment. It just popped in my head while typing something else, so I decided to add it to this article. I might think about it more later and add prizes for 2nd and 3rd spot if it happens that many people will join in the fun of guessing. Give this post a re-blog too, to participate!

That will be it for today. Oh... although I'm writing this from my alt account, as I try to keep all crypto and financial topics here, the HP goal will apply to my main account @fantagira , while my HBD savings will be traced here @fantagira7 .

sat savers club.png

Until next time 💙

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