My entry to #myleogoals for 2023. I'm planning to be a Newborn Cub 💙

Thursday, 29th of December 2022 [1]

Before this year ends, I must do one more thing. New Year's resolutions never really worked for me. They're proven not to work for majority of people in fact. Most people manage to get through January at best, before they forget all about their new year resolutions.

What I do have for the New Year however are #goals. Ever since I've joined Hive at the end of October, I was excitied to read about my friends goals for this platform and their continuious cheering among the way.

I was excited and raring to go, but I decided to take the observer spot first to learn, calculate and come up with some ideas of goals for the next year, then start afresh once we're close to the end of the year.

I managed to close the year with my first ever PUD badge on my account, but truth be told I was eyeballing #LPUD badge too! Seeing how easy I found it to join PUD with a minimum of 10 Hive required for Power Up Day I was hoping LPUD would be equally easy.

fantagira bold.png

I couldn't be more wrong. I had no idea that to earn #Leo required for LPUD (150 Leo) one has to have a nice stake to Leo already, as to get a little bit of extra Leo from curation. My one and only post on #LeoFinance didn't earn me nowhere near as much of Leo as equivalent of Hive I receive for articles written on other front ends.

No, I didn't get discouraged with that. I knew that I need to come up with a better plan to start collecting those precious Leo tokens as well as LPUD badges. Hearing that those badges will have a usecase in the coming year, only made my motivation stronger. I can recognise a good project when I see it and Leofinance definitely has a bright future.

On the day of Winter Solstice, which is perfect day for setting intentions, I was still working. My mind could barely concentrate on work. In my head I was already setting goals for 2023. One of those goas is to participate in every single LPUD of 2023. Considering that the minimum is 150 Leo, by the end of 2023 I shall have a nice 1800 Leo's staked.

As I look at this post [screenshot above was taken from mentioned post] I realised 1800 will bring me very close to the Newborn Cub, which requires 2k staked Leo's. It is settled then.

My goal for Leofinance for 2023 shall be becoming a Newborn Cub.

I know, this cutie above is not exactly a newborn, but I have a suspicion that by the end of 2023, I won't necessary be just a newborn. As they say though, being realistic is one of the keys to achieving your goals. Staking an average of 166.66 Leo each month is in my opinion very realistic. Then comes the dreamer in me, who dreams to always exceed my goals. Will it happen? Will it not? I guess we'll see during the course of 2023.

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Like many other Gemini's I have more than one side of me. @fantagira joined Hive in 2021, but only started writing in October this year. She loves all things nature as well as deep introspection of herself and her surroundings. @fantagira7 joined Hive, not knowing she has joined, as she didn't know how this whole, big Hive platform works. She just wanted to have a go at Splinterlands, which she abandoned after couple of months anyway. Still, account is there and fully functional, so I decided to give it a new life and use it to post all financial topics using this account.


Most of my nature loving friends want to see pictures of pretty flowers, like the one above, and are not that interested in reading about tokens, NFTs and such. It is however another side of me, which is an utter geek and NFT, gaming and crypto lover. I think it is only fair that I separate the two sides of me. I am also writing this for transparency, as I will be using both accounts to grow my Leo stake, although my main LeoFinance account where all effort is directed at LEO will be this one. My Leo Power on this account is currently 0, but I will be starting with my little 13.153 which is currently in my @fantagira wallet.

fantagira bold.png

Lo and behold! I think Hive heavens are on my side with my goal setting for 2023. Soon after setting the goal in my head, I have come across Leo Goals post by @anomadsoul who is aiming to be an apex lion by the end of 2023. 150k LP is sure a dream to aspire to, but not in 2023 for me. I'm sticking to be a Newborn first ;) All the best to Eric in becoming apex lion though!

Thanks to his article I also found the article by @leogrowth which is a LeoFinance contest for 2023. I have already talked about points 1 and 2 of the requirements, which are 2k Leo (2013 Leo including my current stake) by the end of 2023 and 166.66 Leo staked on LPUD every month. Now let's dive into points 3-5.

  1. My strategy will be... buy, buy and buy some more. At least for the first few months of 2023, since pretty much everything is on sale while we're still in the depths of crypto winter. I can't see how else I would be achieving those 166.66 Leo each month as a beginner LeoFinancier. Apart from Leo tokens I am planning to continue buying small amount of LEOM and/or LEOMM each month. My current stake of 0.77 LEOMM is not mining me a huge amount of Leo tokens this far, but these are free Leo's that I receive for doing absolutely nothing. That is my idea of passive income. Just buy some miners and let them shower me with some free tokens. As my stake increases, I hope to see my Leo stake increase accordingly, which will be a huge help in setting those 166.66 aside each month. I will no doubt update my strategy as my LP grows, because I will be able to see how much my articles and curations will be once I have some stake. For now it will be just buy, buy, buy ;)

  2. Since I'm not counting any author and curation rewards in my initial startegy, I hope once my stake increases, it can become my rainy season strategy. I will do my best to exceed 166.66 Leo monthly goal for the first few months of 2023, while Leo price is very low, which will hopefully cover my bum when the price increases and maybe I won't be able to buy as much as I would like towards the end of 2023. In other words, I will be doing my best to achieve the goal earlier!

  3. This one is my least favourite requirement. A to-do list! Ernesto, the donkey inside me, absolutely hates the to do lists of any kind. We just love to blag it until we get there. Let me set at least a couple things to do. I will post a minimum of 1 article each week (or 4 monthly), using LeoFinance and I will use LeoThreds more often than before. I think so far I've been underestimating the power of these. I will buy Leo tokens from the market each month to complete 166.66 goal, until I find other means of completing my monthly goals.

As I continue to read the contest article, I realise that I shall use #MyLeoGoals tag for this article. I hope the tag within the text is enough, as I can't see the 'usual' tags tabs as I write this.

I think the goal I have set for myself is both - attainable and also ambitious, seeing that I'm starting practically from 0. I will add the 13 Leo's that I have in my other wallet as my starting point, so my goal for 2023 shall be 2013 Leo Power. Or shall it be 2023 to match the year? YES! 2023 Leo Power by the end of 2023!

So here goes. #myleogoals are set and there is no way back! I am becoming a #newborncub ! Wish me good luck, cause I will need a lot of it (even if I don't believe in luck). In my timezone there are still 2 more days till the end of 2022, so if you haven't posted your Leo Goals yet, there is still time to do so. There are some amazing prices to be won!

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Until next time 💙

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