My first LPUD completed ✅ Starting 2023 strong!

Sunday, 15th of January 2023

Truth be told, I’d rather be sleeping than writing. After chilled Friday and Saturday I had a very productive Sunday and my house smells nice and clean, but I feel pretty wiped out.

With some leftovers of decency I got up from my slumber to write. I’ll make it short and sweat, I promise! I felt bad for not showing up at my own first LPUD party, but that wouldn't be anything unusual for me. I'm weird like that ;)

I’ve been waiting for this day probably since I wrote this article, checking my Leo balance almost every day and buying more, so I can participate in my first ever #LPUD.

This morning I already had the 150 Leo’s required for #LPUD, but since my monthly goal was meant to be 166.66 Leo’s and I’m anal like this, I went and completed one more trade to achieve this goal.

So here goes! My starting stake of 0.000 LP this morning:

lpud 0123 before.JPG

And 168.238 LP after powering up:

lpud Jan 23 after.JPG

Yay, me!

Like I said - short and sweet. I've already talked about #myleogoals and explained my reasons for participating in LPUDs and staking my Leo's every month HERE, so I won't be repeating myself for once ;)

Happy #LPUD everyone and I hope my savings partner @lhes has powered up today too.

fantagira bold.png

Until next time 💙

All words and pictures are mine unless otherwise stated

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