Building your Crypto Snowball

I'm starting to see a noticeable increase in the daily HIVE numbers flowing into my account due to what I call the 'Crypto Snowball' effect. Now mind you, I don't have a huge stash to invest with like some of you out there, so I do what I can with what I've got. Today, we're going to take a look at where things stand, as a way to encourage those of you with smaller accounts, or new people just starting out.

It all adds up over time

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your account be as well. As a student with scarce resources available, the first thing I had to do was to decide what would be a steady way to grow my account. Of course blogging and curating were at the forefront, but what else could I do to unleash a steady stream of crypto to help my account grow?

Delegations seemed to be an excellent way to make use of my HP, since I was too busy with coursework to sit in front of my laptop all day. This way, I could receive a daily or weekly payout of passive income that would build over time. leo.voter, the hodlcommunity and others, provide an awesome way of giving and receiving, week after week.

There are also a number of tokens which provide a daily distribution that I added to my portfolio. DHEDGE, UTOPIS, and BRO, are a few that come to mind as a reliable source of daily crypto. These pay out a variety of tokens along with LEO, and/or HIVE as well. After awhile, I began to notice HIVE seemingly appear out of nowhere when checking my stats on Hiveblocks. This was a result of opening that token stream, forgetting about it, then wondering where in the hell all of this crypto was coming from! It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Every few days, I pick up more DHEDGE from the dividends generated by some of the other tokens. This "dividend swapping" allows me to increase the numbers of all of my coins without having to resort to new infusions of my limited fiat. This self-sustaining organic growth is a dynamic way to pollinate your account.

The games people play

Not to be outdone, dCity stepped up with its own daily payout of SIM tokens. Once you've accumulated at least 8,000 of them, you qualify for a daily HIVE reward, that although small, grows over time as your SIM pile does as well. I'm pushing 20K of the tokens, and addding more over time, to qualify for a higher reward. I've also added a small amount to the SWAP pool, which pays out a small number of SIM each day as well.

So get this: The daily SIM payout results in HIVE, which I use to buy more SIM, while adding a small portion to the liquidity pool... which generates MORE SIM... See where this is going?

The other thing I'm doing, is banking HBD in preparation for the new game coming out by TheyCallMeDan. Things are set to kickoff early next year, and now is a good time to get ready. Not to mention LVL tokens for the @PsyberX game, which I've managed to collect just over 100K of. Now these numbers may be small in comparison to some of the big boys out there, but represent a significant investment for me. You have to be in it to win it, and that's exactly what I plan to do.

Something new is the BXT token, which also adds a daily HIVE payout itself. I use the pool that that HIVE comes from to purchase fractional shares of more BXT tokens resulting a daily payout of even more fractional BXT tokens from beeswap. So I'm getting shares of two tokens from the same place every single day.

As my account grows, from time to time, I take a portion of the growth and increase my delegations to the different communities I support. Recently, I added some new building cards to my dCity in order to eke out even more payments in SIM tokens. Little increases in hodlcommunity and leo.voter as well.

To me this is like watering digital seedlings in my crypto garden. The hope is that over time, these young shoots will develop into a bounty of crypto that will help me achieve the financial independence that we all seek. How are you building your crypto snowball?

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