HF 25 goes off WITH a hitch...


I guess we should have seen this coming.

Whenever we mess around with curation things tend to get bugged out during the first week. Now all curation has reset, and the only way to curate the seven days of posts before the hardfork happened is to vote on them after the hardfork.

This means that everyone who voted on posts basically from 27 hours ago to 6 days ago isn't going to receive any curation, and those who upvote snipe the posts right before they payout are getting all the curation. Already several devs are running scripts and competing with each other in this regard.

We should expect to see some weird voting patterns over the next week.

Cost of doing business.

At this point it becomes pretty obvious that the bug isn't really worth fixing, as it will basically fix itself once the next week of reward pool allocations have been distributed. All we can really do to make this less of a problem is if everyone exploits the system and votes on old posts so that no one ends up getting everything.

This is pretty not great for curation bots, as anyone delegating to them isn't really going to get any rewards for the next week. Too bad, so sad.


@acidyo has described this problem in a bit more detail

I'm just going to hurry up and post this just to get the message out.

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