PSA! Curation rewards post Hardfork and how you can help stabilize them!

Some of you may have noticed that posts have been paying out a lot less in curation returns than you were expecting, no this is not the linear curve in effect but instead a reset of the curve causing the blockchain to ignore curation on posts posted before the hardfork if a vote is cast on those posts now after the hardfork.

What this means is that, all posts that are still active and have been posted before the hardfork occurred at block 55235767 (hiveblocks for reference on what block we're on now (3sec per block)) will give new voters the majority of the curation rewards if you were to vote on them now.

An easy example:

Your post with $99 pending is due in 12 hours, it was posted before the hardfork. A single curators vote cast on it valued $99. Now someone swoops in right at the 12 hour before payout mark and votes it with another $1 totalling $100 post rewards. 50% will go to curators while 50% goes to you as HBD + HP, the author rewards remain unaffected, but for the curation split, the person who voted with $1 after the hardfork will be receiving 90%+ of the curation rewards.

What you can do now is look for posts that are close to payout, talk to your friends and followers if they have some old posts you haven't voted for yet that are close to payout - remember linear curve is in effect now so you most likely won't lose out on the previous penalty tax by voting on low reward posts.

Some tools you can look at to see if people have voted past the hardfork and how your vote affected a certain post and your potential upcoming curation rewards: by @penguinpablo

Just add in the link to your post after the address above, replacing the front-end'd such as or, example: /@acidyo/razer-viper-8k-review

Here's another example of a paid out post: remember that the 12 hour before payout penalty window is still in effect, meaning that the later you vote the less your vote will be worth and smaller the returns.


@engrave for instance had the biggest vote in value here, but since it voted only 7 minutes before payout he received very little returns, while @deathwing had the second biggest vote but voted a full hour before payout and the 3rd account had the smallest vote by far but voted many more hours before the rest to receive a decent return. Hope this gives you an idea of how to vote.

The main difference you can do right now is if you notice votes that have landed on certain posts that are standalone, if you don't know them or prefer they wouldn't get all the rewards themselves while looking at hiveblockexplorer, tell a friend to add their vote as well as they'll most likely be sharing almost the total of curation rewards of the post.

The more people are aware of this and start voting on older posts they haven't voted on yet that are close to payout over this week the more balanced it will get for everyone.

Think of it as the opposite of front-running as @marky put it, rear-running!

Try and have some fun with it, it'll be more balanced very soon and after a week it'll be over. Some of you oldtimer's who've been around may remember when something similar happened on a hardfork a long time ago where all active posts before the HF were zero'd out, this time it's the curators turn to sweat a little!

@jarvie brought up the idea for some accounts to try and scoop up some rewards from old posts and send part of the returns to I've been doing that a little with this account - mainly following someone who I wouldn't want to get the whole pie of curation rewards, as for ocd and ocdb who will be receiving a fraction of the returns they would get this week I'm not sure what I'm going to do since curation is still ongoing and there's many posts waiting to be curated today and the following days of the week. I think it's better to focus on that and I hope the delegators will understand the circumstances.

Feel free to ask away in the comments if there are any questions. I'll try and answer them in between curating. Have fun!

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