Is following a manually curated comment trail good for Hive?

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About a month ago i came across this post by @elcomentador about [Delete auto-voting] his comment curation trail.

i replied in a comment expressing some concerns, and i was satisfied, for now at least, with his replies.


i began the call to action steps in the above linked comment (copied and slightly edited below) to begin to support the project, but am now only just getting round to completing it.

More interaction and votes on YOUR comments

By completing the steps below, your comments will be monitored and potentially be [Delete auto] voted upon, subject to "quality".

i intend to monitor the comments which are being [Delete auto] voted and after a trial period, perhaps one month, i will decide whether or not to stay on the curation trail.

If you would like to view the comments which this the trail is voting upon, there is an easy way to do so. i have detailed how in this comment below.
[end Edit]

Here are the necessary steps should you wish to test it too. Alternatively make a comment below, and i will tag you in a month or so when i have made up my mind:

Additional Steps necessary to join the comment trail


Okay! i think i have successfully completed all the steps above. Let's see how this rolls ....

What do you think about following a manually curated comment trail? Is it good for Hive? [edited]

Drop a comment below
To let me know.
Be sure that your comment i will read,
And for you i will plant a seed.

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To to further encourage engagement and interaction as a true community on our beloved blockchain, consider commenting more and even joining this Trail for Hive Comments. i'm now testing it to see the quality of the comments which are voted upon.

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