Stage 3 (1000 HP) Complete!

Stage 1: 250 HBD Savings, 250 HP

Stage 2: 1000 HBD Savings

Stage 3: 1000 HP

Stage 4: 2000 HBD Savings*

Stage 5: 2000 HP

I got pretty hyped about this one. I think partly because it appears to go a lot faster since powering up doesn’t have the same collateral requirements as converting to HBD, but to be completely honest, I’m also very excited to get back to building HBD Savings and maximizing my utilization of that 20% return while it’s still around.


Anyway, good news, I knocked out Stage 3 pretty damn quick. I did two primary things to accomplish this:

  1. I set (almost) all my post rewards to 100% HP
  2. I sold some things I wasn’t really using anymore to drum up some quick cash.
img_0179.pngI got this chain breaker and riveting tool back when I converted my Harley into a dual sport. One of the big steps to that conversion was changing from belt to chain drive. I bought this in case I ever needed to remove the chain to do maintenance, but since that never came up, this tool was brand new and very easy to sell.
img_0180.pngThis freakin’ sweet-ass snow suit I made. I rode my motorcycle with this suit in temperatures as low as 6 degrees Fahrenheit back before I had kids, when I was a hardcore year-round rider. This was a little harder to let go of, but I’m good at letting go, and buying more Hive was a solid motivator. Well, it was made from another snow suit, but I created an all leather exterior shell from three leather jackets and a Harley vest (which I found at Goodwill ;) IMG SRC (below) img_0229.webp

That’s all, just a quick update. I met another target and I’m moving on. Just wanted to document the accomplishment/timeframe, and commemorate the things I sold to make it happen.

Thanks for checking out some more of my work! As always, I hope you enjoyed witnessing as much as I enjoyed creating!

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