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Author: @stevenson7


Chances are that you have seen this Netflix show, or even heard of it at the very least. The show has being topping charts since its release last year. The latest season was only released few weeks ago, and that is why we are here. Notorious for its raunchy and emotional display, Sex education is actually one show that would keep you glued to your device, well until season three that is. A colleague of mine have been recommending this show to me since last year



(ESP/ENG) Daria: La vida de una chica muy poco comprendida / Daria: The life of a little-understood girl

Hi everyone! I am very happy to be able to watch the series I grew up with again, being that in those years it was somewhat difficult to see all the seasons on television and much more to understand them (being that I was a girl). As an adult, with a defined reasoning, it is interesting to meet those television series and find true gems that are no longer produced at present. That is the case with Daria, an acid television series that offers the viewer the opportunity to see beyond a conformist criterion.



Kate is one of the coolest movies I've watched on Netflix recently

Today I want to fill you in on a new movie. A few weeks ago a movie called Kate (starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead) was released on Netflix. This film slipped under the radar for me at first, but I eventually discovered it on my Netflix feed. I was first intrigued by the poster for the film. It was colorful, had a car on it, and I saw some Japanese imagery with Woody Harrelson.



The expectations of the Streaming Series Foundation [Eng | Spa]

The foundation is one of the most un-cinematographic stories ever made, as a book is basically a civilization-making story, so it goes around making loving characters full of charisma, intelligence, influence, and meaning. Then suddenly ditch them and show you another batch of those on each section of the book, so that makes me wonder How did David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman manage to pull a series out of it?



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