Impressions: "Forever" (2014-2015)

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Welcome, dear movies funs!
Today I want to tell you about one of the most awesome pearl of modern fantastic series.


Main hero of this movie is Henry Morgan, who lives already more than 200 years.
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Two hundreds years ago he was killed on the the ship in the sea, but he appeared again in the water near earth. He lives forever and each time when he dies Henry turns out in nearest water source.

Henry tries to find the reason of such situation and why he can not die like others people. He has a great baggage of experience from his long life and for now Henry works in clinic and he is pathologist.

He hopes that this profession will help him to learn human body and be more close to the solution of his problem.

Sometimes it really problem because Henry was in different hard situations in his life because of his strange talent. He survived all his friends and relatives.

Henry has even fake documents that needs to him for saving strange moment of life in secret.

After help to police we can see beaufitul actress on scene, who includes Henry in police work as a consultant.
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The big adventures are waiting for main heroes in awesome season of this serial.
Watch it and try to speak that I am wrong :)

Movie Around

All movie characters are very pleasant for eyes. They are plays their roles very cool and you will receive a full barrel of positive emotions.

Each series is good for family watch, it has not dirty scenes.
Also every episode contains some moral and you become a part of this really unusual story.

It is one of my favourite series and I watched it already 2 times. Also I want to see it yet in future :)

Good actors + good plot + good atmosphere = "Forever" :)
Thank you for reading and enjoy your viewing!

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