naughty children😃🤣

What innocent children do is tease their parents and take out their scolding anger on the school uncle standing at the gate or you take out your anger on the van driver.
Children are very mischievous, sometimes they do something and sometimes they make adults fight and laugh at themselves.
Shows eyes to some and teeth to others. When he was going to school with his parents, the great innocent was shutting down as soon as his parents came out of school and he started showing his eyes and tongue to the children. Sometimes he would become a jinn and sometimes he would fly like a helicopter. He would raise his hands and make a helicopter and fly.
He is making it difficult for his teacher to live. The teacher will also think where did this child come from and who is he? Satan also seeks shelter from children. These children seem innocent but they are not.🤣😂

Children have a different world at home. If the children are alone at home, they will think that no one will think that they will try to drop the sugar box in the kitchen so that they can eat sugar. Will see
Although their shapes look like cartoons
Some children make their faces like cartoons after watching cartoons and the family throws them out of the house saying that this is not our child.
And then when they remember, they say that we made a mistake. This is our child. It must have been disfigured by mistake. Such children are headaches that blow their parents' noses. They are not children. Tied it and blew it, when it went up, the thread was pulled from the bottom and the bee came down again hahaha🤣
Would anyone think or do that?😂

The children dance and jump around the house, moving all the things around and their parents hold their heads and sit down and say I miss you papa.
Tears come to father's eyes and he says
I miss you too ha ha ha ha ha ha ha🤣😂😁
And the children's mother says really you won't forget us because the children's mother has to do all the housework, she sits with her head down and the children start doing mischief again.
Many of you may know that the devil also sought shelter from the children. The devil became God and came among the children. The whole day they took the devil around and kept beating the devil because the devil had taken the form of a donkey.
These are innocent children who look innocent and act like devils

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