Touring the incredible India (IV): Akbar's tomb

Forth chapter: Akbar's tomb

And where are we now? Still in Agra? Yes when you go to Agra you can see many more things than you think. You go with the obsessive idea of ​​seeing the wonderful Taj Mahal, as I have share in other chapter, you have traveled to that town just for that, but after planning the trip you realize that there is more...
And already in the previous chapter, we enter the imposing Agra Fort with red walls in contrast to the environment and as a security point in the Yamuna river, from which to contemplate that other legendary monument.

Now what? We keep moving around this area, because they tell us that there are other places of interest, although our time is running out, we have to go back, because in Delhi more things await us, but if we are already there, we cannot miss the opportunity.

So going to a suburb of the city, in Sikandra, we come to a large exuberant big esplanade, with floods that day, and crowded as always. There we can discover another monument in the middle of nowhere, another mausoleum and also a tomb. The tomb of Akbar the Great.




Akbar was another great Mughal emperor who reigned in these territories, and as a Tartar custom, they always had to build their own tomb for him. He selected this place and ordered the works to begin. Building another complex that can be accessed through the lavishly decorated front door.


Again red sandstone and more decorations, more minarets and towers, pointed arches and ornate interior ceilings, although the latter are very deteriorated. The tomb was later looted, and deteriorated after centuries, until an English lord decided to undertake a restoration of these constructions.


Because beyond the tomb, there is a hunting lodge that was also used before as a harem... from that distance it seems just an old witness of something from another time, of an empire and a world that is not this one. A bucolic environment immersed in the past, in respect and in nature.


Nature merges into everything, here the animals appropriate the architecture and even seem to be part of all this.


Even those that we would never imagine finding ourselves there, a squirrel prowling the gardens?


And the surrounding gardens are majestic perhaps more than what has remained of the constructed buildings, and we can enjoy them, even on a rainy but warm day, a green esplanade festooned with lush trees that seems to have no end. Looking at the panorama for a second I think I am in another place, even in the African savannah, because I am surprised to see a large group of gazelles grazing peacefully, perhaps since the emperor himself looked around and decided to build his tomb there.



After an intense and noisy day, suddenly, we take a walk in total calm, we do not hear anything, we relax thinking that this part of the trip is over, that we must return to Delhi where there is much to see, and not not only that, but also preparing other routes to new destinations, other fascinating cities in India, which never ceases to amaze us, it's incredible.


Thanks for reading! Next chapter, back to Delhi and more... Have a fascinating day.


The text is mine and the photos are mine too ©Duvinca

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