Touring the incredible India (III): the imposing Agra Fort

Third chapter: the Agra Fort

And still there in the city of Agra, although we don't believe it beyond the wonderful Taj Mahal, there is much more to see... without thinking twice, still as if in a dream we headed to another imposing complex to visit and admire.

The Agra Fort, or the Red Fort, very different from the previous monument. Here we come face to face with a great wall of red stone, of a less delicate construction, stronger and imposing, it is a fortress.


A fortified palace, also a World Heritage Site since 1983, full of stately buildings and small palaces and other structures. A set that was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar, the grandfather of Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal, who knows if inspired by so much beauty he knew how to combine everything he saw in another impressive work.

We let ourselves go, or rather slip on the stone to the main entrance. A large door called "Amar Singh" welcomes us, and with a river of people and under the exceptional rain of those days, we submerge ourselves in another time, in another story. A time when the emperors, soldiers and ambassadors were the protagonists, and not the tourists. Where royal treasures were kept, decisions were made and a kingdom was ruled.



Now the stage remains as a witness of all that, walls, decorations, mausoleums, imperial residences, towers and columns. Gardens and panoramic views.




From the imperial residence of white tones and delicate decorations, "the Khas Mahal", which is inspired by its neighbor the Taj Mahal, the architectural influence influenced all the works of the Mughal empire of its time, even in the following generations and can you see that influence later in the Taj Mahal?



Even the great walls from which you can get to contemplate the famous Yamuna River and the wonderful pearl of the Taj Mahal, like a mirage or a dream vision, another perspective from far away and another unique panorama.



From one imposing construction to another, it is a magical path in which we only find magnificent elements, that we had never seen before... and it seems that everything is already there, that it ends here but it does not. There is always more in a country with unparalleled mystery and charm, before leaving you have to see a place that they also recommend. Another monument paying homage to someone from the past and paying homage to eternal and universal beauty.

Thank you for reading! Next time soon the last chapter in Agra... Have a charming day.


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