Touring the incredible India (II): the wonderful Taj Mahal

Second chapter: The Taj Mahal

The wonderful wonder of the Taj Mahal. There is not much to say if we are already talking about one of the most famous buildings in the world. An impressive and legendary construction, a love story set in stone.


And we left the bustling city, Delhi under a blanket of clouds and even an unusual rain that formed puddles on the roads, and mud was formed in some places where we walked. But there is no gray day that can overshadow the beauty of a majestic palace, of an eternal gift of love.

Because we know that this World Heritage Site was built in the 17th century by Mughal emperor Sha Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal as a posthumous tribute when she passed away. What an inspiring and wonderful gift, to her memory and to the world at large!

You have to cross a world to get there. First, in a arranged taxi to go to Agra, a near city, a good road trip, with a stop included for a chai masala, in a restaurant on the way. A very busy road, not only for cars, but also you see decorated elephants, many people around, and some with animals like monkeys to make some kind of show to get money from tourists, also others sold you souvenirs through the windows if at some point you stopped.

When you arrive you only see many more people, a lot of commotion, souvenir shops, guides who wanted to be hired by showing you their official identity card, but we still longed to see that image we had in our heads. Because at first you find the Darwaza or the main entrance door, also imposing, with a special and colorful architecture, a pleasant garden path, but we want to get there.



There we have the picture of a dream, because it seems something unreal as if you suddenly woke up in a fantasy place, it looks like a postcard no matter how you take the photo. Just pending that few people come out in front, that no one crosses. Now move forward along the path, take off your shoes and leave them in that crowd or put on some plastic. In any case, due to the soft rain on the marble, you have to be careful, it slips.



We immersed ourselves not in the water, but between bright white walls, delicate and elegant. An enchanting marble atmosphere, an immovable structure that remains, like the memory of the late empress, beautiful and proud, after centuries of visits, admiring glances and open mouths. A preciousness.



Then you have to move away, take different perspectives because throughout the complex, we acquired another vision of the mausoleum, from afar, in profile, a corner, through an arch... and this architectural wonder is always equally beautiful, all the photographs have their unique charm.



We walked slowly through different areas and other structures, also through the mosque, we looked from afar through some battlement, and we contemplated what is behind there, what is not seen. It is the Yamuna river, which cannot compete with the wonderful palace that looks on its banks, there is no comparison.






The Taj Mahal diverts all eyes and gives a magical touch to that somewhat soulless place. It is this wonder that highlights and embellishes this legendary setting with its permanent splendor.


And the dream is over for now, but not for a long time because we continue our itinerary, and the route still held new surprises, more wonders to discover nearby. Soon in the next post...

Thanks so much for reading. Soon there will be more... Have an incredible day!


The text is mine and the photos are mine too ©Duvinca

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