The beauty of Bulgaria seaside resort called Obzor blog 2

Hey hive travelers 🧳

As I mentioned in my previous post I visited an amazing seaside resort called Obzor!
Very beautiful and peaceful place for your summer days!
Just a great place to spend your summer vacation.

There are many attractions and ways to enjoy yourself around the town.

One of them is a Rickshaw 🛺
That is one of the most entertaining and good ways to take a tour around the town and have fun by the time doing that nice ride.

I’m not sure how much it costs, but I doubt it may be more than 20lv. (that’s our currency) or €10 euro 💶average cost 💲.
Of course, you have to have an understanding and your understanding of how that works…

  • You have animals tight and forced to serve humans for entertainment…
    So if you are ok with this sentence above ☝️ that’s ok 👌 enjoy 😉 your ride…

On another side if you are not ok ✅ with this above 👆 don’t do anything stupid, just pass it around and keep on going your way, at the end of the day:
It is what it is, and there is much Karma to be rewarded for every living being, so don’t worry 😉 keep in smiling ☺️
Namaste 🙏



More entertainments for you:

Some kind of a so-called boat 🛥
It costs 5lv. for 5 min so that €2.5 euro 💶
I guess this one will be more for the younger generation, or for everyone that enjoys their water riders one way or another.


A bungee for kids again.

It cost a little over 6lv for 5 min. that €3 euro to have your kid jumping for a few minutes.


Something sweet:

I do love those big pancakes 🥞 they make all over our Black-sea resorts.

If your life has been kind of too tough and you need something to sweeten up that is one of the things you may enjoy a lot.
Cost 3lv. Or €1.5 euro 💶
You may find a lot of things very cheap in our country.
That may be the beer 🍺 as well.


Or one of the ones I showed in my previous post they were with more ingredients and ice cream 🍨 as well, but more about them back here

Town center zone.

The town center is the place where you can find a lot of food and souvenir shops.
Highly recommended of course to get a souvenir from Bulgaria 🇧🇬
We have a beautiful country, great history, amazing nature, clean beaches and a lot of waters like rivers and lakes.

As you can see streets are almost empty in mid/late September.
But there are still a lot of people in the area.



Some of the streets have closed nearly 90% of the stores.
And that leaves a place for a few businesses to make money.
And one of those places was the place with the pancakes 🥞 the last one open in town, so there was a line all the time.

One of the businesses that I kind of like a lot is those fish 🐠 tanks where you put your feet 🦶 and the fishes eat the dead skin from you.
It is kind of entertaining as well but quite expensive in my opinion.
It cost like 10lv for 5min that’s €5 euro to dip your feet 🦶 in water to feed the fish 🐟 inside…

  • So on this one, I’ll skip, to pay to feed fish out of my flesh…
    No thank you!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of them.

To close this post:

I’m gonna use a photo of roses 🌹

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