The Dogmen

A melinated man oblivious to sin.
Peep the symmetry, hair, and skin.
But wait... Who's this?
The sailor man comes on the scene.
Chatty, sweaty, hairy, and mean.
But he's got stuff though!
Coin, tobacco, and guns!!!
New stuff - new toys!
This could be fun!
Fix this man something to eat!!!
And prepare the finest, make sure she's clean!
Let there be amusement!
Play some music!
Song & dance!
It's alright sailor man - observe, smile & glance...
At the end of night, it was her first time.
There was no romance!
She didn't have a nice time!
In fact, she cried...
Sailor man's a ghost now.
He went back out to sea.
9 months later...
18 hours of labor.
It's a boy!
He lives with the Chief.
He knows his mother but barely even speaks.
Many moons later, the Chief is dead.
Baby boy inherits the chief's wife & his bed!
Baby Boy - the only one that knows the sailor man...
And so, the cycle goes on again & again...
Less & less melanin.
Dogmen on the decline.
No more deer & no more trees.
Only war, pollution, & a political speech.
No more horses & no more teepees.
No more lakes & no more streams.
Only liquor stores & drugs to shatter your dreams.
The results of evolution...
Now you talk too much!
Now you sweaty!
All hairy and mean!
Don't know how to dance & damn sure can't sing!
But see, you're a natural at plotting the scheme.
No more smiles and no more love.
Addicted to money in search of the plug.
The dawn of a new day, a change is near.
A new face...
A man appears.
A melinated man???
Why are you scared?
And then it becomes abundantly clear,
The Dogmen are still here...

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