#ZapFic! The Longest running Shortest Story Contest on #Hive! | Week 123: Asleep


My sincerest greetings, dear friends. On this occasion I would like to present you my first participation in the #Zapfic contest in its 123rd week, a micro-story contest conducted by the user @felt.buzz, where we must create a short story of only 240 characters. Yes, that's right, that small amount of words.

Honestly, it was quite difficult for me to create such a concise micro story, but I hope I achieved my goal. The word assigned this week is: Asleep.

If you want to participate, the contest rules are here.



      “She watched him sitting in the shadows.

      A trace of sadness passed through her eyes.

      Funeral chants could be heard outside his room.

      She stood up, stared at him and smiled.

      She was happy that her pain would cease to rest in the arms of death.”

Zapfic 123.png

I hope you liked my proposal. See you next time and I hope that you will also dare to participate. My best vibes to you all!

Written by @universoperdido. Friday, September 4, 2020


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