Scrapyard Rebellion - #ZapFic50Monday "Scrap"

Scrapyard Rebellion - A Short Story for the weekly writing contest ZapFic50Monday - Prompt: "Scrap"

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This post is an entry to the ZapFic50Monday "Scrap"!

The ZapFic50Monday is a literary initiative from the Freewriters Community in which writers have to create a story, using the prompt provided, with exactly 50 words: no more, no less!

Scrapyard Rebellion

Soda Can Steve was fed up with the scrapyard hierarchy! Why were the big guys like car undercarriages and used wash machines always in power, giving orders?
He rallied his fellow cans's comrades, sparking a fizzy revolution against all non-scrap metal. They clinked and clanked, determined to topple the government!

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