My Introduction to the Hive Community


Hello, Hive Community! This is my intro post!


You see this fellow over here with the fancy bathrobe, looking all gallant into the void with a stunning background? He's me! Unfortunately, I'm usually neither that elegant, gallant or in scenic snowy mountains. < sad trombone >

My name is Luiz Soares, but I'm usually known online as "Luizeba". It's a word created by my cousin, who enjoyed calling me, when we both were kids, "Luiz" + "Ameba" (Amoeba, in Portuguese). This ended up becoming "Luizeba", and since then I've been using this nickname in my online endeavours!


I'm 27 years old; I'm from a small city in the countryside of Brazil, but I moved to São Paulo, the largest city in the country, to study when I was 17 years old. I've now been living in the City of Niterói for the last 6 years, a nice place by the beach and really close to Rio de Janeiro, the famous touristic destination.


I've studied Economics at the University of São Paulo, then became a Tax Auditor for the Government of Niterói, working at the local Department of Revenue. Yeah, I'm kinda the bad guy who collects taxes from the people. Not fun. Not fun at all.


After moving to Niterói, I've also started a second degree, studying Law at the Fluminense Federal University. I'm currently on the last semester of the degree, preparing myself to the Bar Examination (the examination that a lawyer must pass in order to be admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association).

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I'm engaged to my fiancée Larissa, a wonderful Biologist who's currently finishing her Ph.D. in Zoology. She's doing her Ph.D. in the Rio de Janeiro National Museum, that unfortunately got devastated by a fire in 2018, exactly 200 years after it's foundation in 1818 by the Emperor Dom Pedro II, the second and last monarch of the Empire of Brazil. Almost all the collection of the 20 million artifacts were lost that night, including my fiancée's researches until then.

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Felix Felicis is the last member of the family. He's a 3 years old Dwarf Hotot that only weights 950g (~2 lb) who loves to sleep behind the sofa and jump around the house. He was named after the magic potion from the Harry Potter books: also known as the "Liquid Luck", Felix Felicis is a potion that makes the drinker lucky for some time, during which everything they attempt would be successful!


I'm an avid PC gamer, mainly playing Strategy Games (like Civilization, Europa Universalis and Age of Mythology) and Management/Roguelike Games (like Dwarf Fortress, Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead and Rimworld). But I'm also able to hold my ground in FPS and MOBAs, even if they're not my cup of tea!

On the last few months, I'm also playing EVE Online, the spaceship MMORPG famous for its huge space battles with several thousands players destroying thousands of dollars of in-game items, and for the copious amount of scams, pyramid schemes, piracy and general scumbagginess. But the truth is that the huge majority of the EVE Community are great, honest people who are incredibly fun to play with.

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I also love playing tabletop and roleplaying games, mainly Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. I've even been publishing some D&D Adventures, like the two above ("The Last Fortress" and "The Forest that No One Dares to Go", in a freestyle translationt to English) and I'm in the works to create a small RPG system to play as anthropomorfic prey animals, inspired by the Book (and Netflix TV Show) "The Watership Down".

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And that's how I found the Hive Community. In my local Magic the Gathering group, people started talking about Splinterlands and its blockchain economy. As I love card games, I decided to give the game a try, and I've been loving both the game itself and the whole community around it.

Also, due the great posts I've found here in the Hive, I finally was able to understand a lot of stuff regarding Cryptos and NFTs! In my Law Undergraduate Thesis, I'm writing about digital properties and its ownership (like buying a game on Steam or a movie in the Google Play store), and I'll be including a chapter to talk about NFTs.

Thanks everyone for reading my intro post! I hope you guys


PS: tagging @traciyork & @lovesniper in my intro post to be considered for OCD curation! Thanks for your efforts to this community!

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