A pic is worth a thousand words

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I see a book covered in cobwebs and dust.
I feel it lies within a ruined or abandoned house and how things of value can one day be neglected.

"Grandpa" Elvi called out.
"Yes son" his grand father answered.
"Who owns that house down the village and why is it in such a sorry state?" Elvi asked.
His father smiled and beckoned on him to come and sit beside him.
"My boy, it is a taboo for anyone to step foot in that house and trespassers will immediately be banished from the land" Pa Choly said.
"And why is that?"
"Long ago, when the town was fairly young and knew little about the ways of the world, a man journeyed here and took up living in the town at the same house you are talking about. He was well versed in the act of medicine and healing that he soon won over the heart of everyone in the community. He could heal every ailment and snake bite. He was the greatest healer of the time" Oa Choly said smiling.
"Great! He must be very rich then?" Elvi asked
"Not actually, he never asked for payments from his patients nor any other form of gratification. He just healed and that was all" said Pa Choly.
"Then why is his house in ruins and placed under curse if he was so useful to the town" Elvis asked looking baffled.
"Year after year, he kept up the good work until the day the king fell ill. He was summond to help heal the king and bring joy and more glory to himself. Little did the people of that town know he was secretly eyeing the throne and was infact the source of the king's illness". Pa Choly replied.
" Really!" Elvi asked wide eyed.
"Yes. He had with him a book of sorcery that when he reads some dark magical words that slowly drains life out of the king and making him lose his mind. For days he kept it up until one day, the day on whose night the king was to die and with his dying and bewitched mind bequits his throne to the socerer. But fortunately for the king, the town's chief priest who had sensed the socerer as abnormal had gotten wind of the evil device and was bidding his time. The socerer stepped out to get some wood and while at it, the house was razed down on the order of the priest and the socerer buried alive."
"What happened to the book then?" Elvi asked.
"Well, no one knows but it is believed to be lying deep beneath the ruins of the house!".

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