I Tokenized another Art Piece - Dino Fight

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This write up follows I tokenized my First Art Piece - Dangerously Happy and My Second Art Piece for Sale for the Price of a Coffee

This morning, I had some fun with a sketchy that I made yesterday. It is based on a photo, taken of my niece and nephew on a hike that we went on two days ago.

This was that photo:


and this is the art it resulted in:


I was originally planning to take a bunch of ( dino style ) action pictures of my niece and nephew, and to replace their heads with dino heads and hands with dino claws. The idea was to end up with dinos with clothes on. Yesterday I played around with this, but I didn't really feel it. I wasn't in the right mindset and lacked energy.

Today I felt better and I decided to just start coloring yesterday's sketchy. The above is is the final result.

I wrote a little more on the process of this particular piece HERE

There's now three tokenized works by me that you can buy on NFT Showroom. Although all three of them have dinos as a subject, I'm still trying to find a style that fits me the most. It's an interesting process, to say the least :<)

It has been a battle between analogue and digital art, as well as different techniques, formats and utensils. And then there's the ever present perfectionism versus improv and rawness struggle.

You gotta love creativity!


In fact, I'm already looking forward to creating my next piece.

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