I Tokenized my first Art Piece on NFT Showroom - Dangerously Happy

NFT showroom screenshot.png

I was considering to post this in an art community on here, but when I went to the main page of 'On Chain Art', the subscript:

OnChainArt is a Community for serious artists

made me decide to do otherwise.

I will never consider myself a 'serious' artist. I like to joke a lot.

All kidding aside, I'm merely a creative guy ( I like to think we're all creators, deep inside ), a storyteller, who keeps jumping from writing, to drawing, to painting, to film making, to sketching and so on, in whatever order imaginable.

Today I decided to try something new...

I tokenized my first ( non ) art piece on NFT showroom.

It can now be bought for Hive HERE.

You have to be fast though, there's only one edition available ;<)

More info on NFT's and NFT art in this post by @whatageek --> What is NFT Art and Collectables

Funny enough, this happened a day after a friend told me that I could perhaps find an illustrator to make drawings for my future children's book ( on Hypersensitivosaurus ). My Ego asked her "if my drawings weren't good enough?"

I get the feedback though and was actually already planning to ask my twin sister, who is more skilled at drawing, these days, than I am. I used to be pretty good at it as a kid, when I used to draw on a daily basis.

My mother has given me similar feedback ( I believe ) - to add more details to my drawing - but who still listens to their mom these days?

If you see my drawings/ sketchies, you probably wouldn't think I'm a perfectionist but then you're mistaken. I am, in many ways. It's just that I tend to fight this beast, as it has withheld me from creating and unlocking my full potential, for way too long.

I like to think that I'm a rebel. And rebels don't follow the rules. They learn them and then they break as many of them as possible.

Anyhow, I'm excited to have put my first ( non ) art piece for sale, getting into the world of NFT's. The next step, if this tastes like more, would be to get into selling my art for Ethereum. I wouldn't mind having some more ETH to play around with.

There's no rush though and let's be honest, rushing things has never made anyone happier.


'Dangerously Happy' and the story behind it on NFT Showroom

The picture above this post is part of a screenshot of the NFT Showroom Gallery