My Second Art Piece For Sale for the price of a coffee on NFT Showroom aka Don't Put Your Eggs in One Basket

my art on nft showroom.png

This write up kind of follows my first art piece on NFT Showroom - Dangerously Happy

A month or two ago, I wrote about my changed tactics on Hive. These changes were a logical consequence of the diving value of the Hive coin. Spending more and more time on - and in the Leofinance community - was one of the major shifts that I made.

Although the aforementioned has paid off in several ways, I often feel that my creativity is not really appreciated there ( feeling undervalued is the story of my life, working on that ). It's a finance community after all.

It also makes me aware of the fact that there's more routes that I can take to earn crypto ( even on Hive itself ) and that there are other communities that I can hang out in too.

We should never put our eggs in one basket ( don't trust the Easter bunny! )

Investing is all about diversification.

I had been thinking for ages of trying to sell some of my art for crypto. To not merely blog about my creative process and earn some coins for that, to actually sell my art. Three days ago I took that next step.

my page on nft showroom.png

My ( non ) art can now be found on NFT Showroom, here.

Although I haven't sold anything yet ( as of writing ) and felt I probably set too high a price on my first piece Dangerously Happy, I'm feeling pretty excited about it all.

The second piece, that I tokenized/ put up for sale today, The Fear Hare vs. Mrs. Porcupine feels very much like me, my style. It feels like the format that I've been looking for for quite a while.

It's a mix of photos, text and a drawing by me, with an audio story as an unlockable bonus.

There 10 editions up for sale, for a measly 22 (SWAP.)Hive each. Currently valued at about 2.5 US Dollar.

My art won't be that cheap in the future, so this is your chance to get your hands on some dino art now it's still possible ;<)

To Be Continued...