improvement of registration in statistics №3

in škingdoms you don't need to jerk on rating, because Elo/Glicko are needed only for registration and betting on the races, and the higher they are, the "not profitable".
The main indicator for the accomplices will be something like the ratio of those won from more sіљnyh players to the one that fluctuates at a dead point.
This rating shows the desire to win. Now in the statistics there is nothing to substitute in П/Є= or P/G=, but can extract the slash figure from the statistics. For example, on my freshly thrown accs it comes out:
lichess - 152/1758=0.086 - хў/1644=, so let's look at the rapid: 122/1735=0.07
which can be easily halved.
And sigh that chess sites are so wooden.

Speaking of imaginary šplayers

typeparaakkideologyprofessionregistration fee
sample@hive-102040kondovboїbіzminventor0.016+1.758 Hive

to immediately be in the statistics - the 1st option, to get together in a heap brake to brake - the 2nd.

  1. instead of the simplest registration with a comment, now - with a transaction
  2. a tweet in dBuzz with a mention of me / survey in dPoll (discount 99%)
  3. іntro-post in škorolivsTV° (with free registration)

knights70-80 >22-33@hive-102040/2-dragons-horses-knights
šahist$X hive/дењ@hive-102040/3-sahistusd-and-each-monitor
d'buzzer$Y hive/дењ
twin$Z hive/дењ(§2+§3+§4+§5)

Interestingness of the last tours in hive:

ThuFriSatSundaily R²960MonTueWed

(when publishing your version of this table of mine, please indicate my tours, do not be shy)

Tours that meet šroyal standards will be counted in the overall statistics (§3) and monetized according to the general scheme (§4)

in case of misunderstanding, as always, you can translate the original into your native language and get more or less the whole of the two optionsIn the community, you can pre-posts on chess-political topics in your favorite jargons of any language. And then give a link to the original in the English version
WHERE WRITE SOME OTHERгде напішете нескољко іное

I practically do not watch tournament chats, all questions and suggestions - are in the blogchain

just to run a race as a horse without registering in the statistics and $

competitive system
с-ма усіленія конкуренциї
missed tour-1пропущенный тур
every $1 like+2каждый 1$ лайка
stream (without a white background)+3стрім (без белого фона!)
translation of the daily report+4перевод ежедневного отчёта
autonomic game report+5отчёт об автономной ігре
thematic post to the community+6тематіческій пост в с°°бщество
clear translation of any post from hive-102040+7чёткій перевод любого поста із хайв-102040
šroyal voting+8šкоролевское голосованіе
introduction of own political evolution+9інтродакшн своей політэволюциї
return to the "Game of Squid"возврат в "Ігру в Каљмара"
in 17.34GMT

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