daily Rapid-960 & mate in 1 move

the dR-960 warm-up tour (instead of sleep) was extremely unsuccessful for me; as with all the rest, the hands did not reach the creation of paraakk, but did not lose anything.

By the way, by paying $15 for verification, you can compete for a share of the $1 million pie in the Global Championship and subsequent prizes in tournaments organized by chess.com (seemingly rapid). You can only change your login once!
So it's better to start a new one for paraakk, there's less fuss than with blockchain:)

Every day at 17.34GMT, the last minute begins on a signal in order to decide to win and lose (§3). Well, in order to play - there is nothing to decide, we stupidly play (§1).

Better - filling out the registration form in the statistics (§2)
Depending on what you want, you need to choose the appropriate type of participation, while out of 5:

  1. knight (https://www.chess.com/clubs/members/skorolevstvo-na-blogcheinakh)
  2. šahist (@pereu4ivatel/1i-paraakk)
  3. d'buzzer (https://d.buzz/#/?ref=antipops)
  4. čitač (https://ecency.com/subscribers/hive-102040)
  5. superplayer (§1+§2+§3+§4)

(suggest more precise amplua)

difficulty level

checkmate in 1 move

(but by the way, for each wrong answer = 1Hive from the one who missed)

Winnings will start when there are those who want to win:)

By permanent link registration in the tour opens 1 hour before the start

Having checked the "options", you will see 10 | Live-960, which are still in Swiss-ctrl. It's hard not to get in.
If one game of bullets can spoil your mood for a whole day, then during the rapid you can go to make tea, strum with your free hand on the guitar or listen to nervous news.

Interestingness of the last tours:

MonTueWedThuFriSatSundaily 17.34GMT

Tours that meet šroyal standards will be counted in the overall statistics (§2) and monetized according to the general scheme (§3)

in case of misunderstanding, as always, you can translate the original into your native language and get more or less the whole of the two optionsв случае недопоніманія вы, как всегда, можете перевесті орігінал на свой родной язык і получіть целое із 2х варіантов
In the community, you can pre-posts on chess-political topics in your favorite jargons of any language. And then give a link to the original in the English versionВ сообществе вы можете предварітельно размещать посты на шахматно-політіческіе темы на ізлюбленных жаргонах любых языков. А потом давать ссылку на орігінал в англійском "чістовіке"
WHERE WRITE SOME OTHERгде напішете нескољко іное

I practically do not watch tournament chats, all questions and suggestions - are in the blogchain

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