1st paraakk

initially in the škingdom 3.5 key indicators

||paraakk | ideology | profession | Elo-960|


they should be indicated for registration in the statistics


for each paraakk it is recommended to use other ideology+profession, be multifaceted:)
It is better not to change the gender.

by popular demand 1st paraakk = chess.com+dBuzz (cryptotwitter, invite for wild https://d.buzz/#/?ref=antipops)

For example, I do not have a pair of matching accounts, so I will start a new one.


  1. the game is enough account on chess.com
  2. statistics - an application with a paraakk
  3. winnings - wallet on Hive
  4. prizes - to be write-read in "škorolivsTV°"
  5. for double win = §4 + bet on yourself

škorolivsTV°, voting, crypto-tweeter and wallet - on the same blockchain, what is not clear?

in case of misunderstanding, as always, you can translate the original into your native language and get more or less the whole of the two optionsв случае недопоніманія вы, как всегда, можете перевесті орігінал на свой родной язык і получіть целое із 2х варіантов
In the community, you can pre-posts on chess-political topics in your favorite jargons of any language. And then give a link to the original in the English versionВ сообществе вы можете предварітельно размещать посты на шахматно-політіческіе темы на ізлюбленных жаргонах любых языков. А потом давать ссылку на орігінал в англійском "чістовіке"
WHERE WRITE SOME OTHERгде напішете нескољко іное

I practically do not watch tournament chats, all questions and suggestions are in the blog

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