§1 šmembers and 1st lost bet

1st bet was lost, what to add here

Apparently it's time to add instructions to each type of complicity.
№1 "šmembers" was added - it's a subscriber of "šKingdom on Blogchains" on chess.com, used to give the option to participate in closed tournaments and some other rights depending on the championship, now everything is open, the main option is to receive news by mail. After all, having missed a post in the feed, you no longer know how to play, how to place bets, how to apply, how to receive prize money... The value is fluctuating, now there are 166 šmembers. Because People do not read mail very well, preferring to graze in social networks, in personal correspondence, the majority wants to receive crypto for the work of the brain, in practice - they play tricks, practicing the usual.
Those who cut into the škingdom as a variant of the new world order - stubbornly no

  • variables are also added to the "I" coefficient

Interestingness of the last tours:

MonTueWedThuFriSatSundaily 17.34GMT

Tours that meet šroyal standards will be counted in the overall statistics (§3) and monetized according to the general scheme (§4)

in case of misunderstanding, as always, you can translate the original into your native language and get more or less the whole of the two optionsIn the community, you can pre-posts on chess-political topics in your favorite jargons of any language. And then give a link to the original in the English version
WHERE WRITE SOME OTHERгде напішете нескољко іное

I practically do not watch tournament chats, all questions and suggestions - are in the blogchain

just to play without registration in the statistics and $

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