My Engagement for the week

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This week have been a blessing despite the challenges including the economic and election crisis in Nigeria. We are still alive and thriving. I was able to engage meaningful with these posts from these seasoned authors. I really enjoyed from them and their work widen my horizon of knowledge. Some of my engaged posts includes:

PostAuthorSummary hosted by @edgerik and @davidxxlEngagement announcement post.
@lesmann/trippy-thursday-03-16-23@lesmannwonderful artwork focussed on dream gate.
@urri2020/good-deeds@urri2020my friday post was spotlighted and highlighted as a kindest post for the week.
@jimmy.adames/lpud-time-mode@jimmy.adamesthe leo goals, lpud and plans to achieve them.
@galenkp/week-145-weekend-engagement-writing-suggestions@galenkpweekend engagement contest and writing topic
@nkemakonam89/making-the-best-use-of@nkemakomam89the five-minutes shopping experience.
@josediccus/the-most-unique-things-about-how-i-curate-vote-on-the-hive-blockchain@josediccusReason for curating posts and their forms.
@flaxz/aliveonthursday-staking-contest-prizes-of-500-alive-tokens-plus-alivem-worth-500-alive-tokens-march-16-2023@flaxzprizes of alive and alivem staking contest. hosted by @edgerik and @davidxxllarry is alive contest
@imfarhad/there-s-always-a-thursday@imfarhadHunting of larry and tasks accomplished
@ironshield/five-reasons-alive-token-is@ironshieldReasons to invest on alive token and worth increasing contest
@melinda010100/proof-of-mug@melinda010100hive shop and how to purchase.

However, Hive is full of great contents and wonderful authors. I had a great time with many of them and shared some of these posts on Thread too. Looking forward for next week.

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