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I've been looking forward to today, because of LPUD and it was going to be the most I've powered up since I added this to my list of consistent things to do on my HIVE journey.

I try not to regret things anymore, because it can hold you back from pursuing your goals. I made some stupid moves in my lifetime and realized that what is done is done, just move forward.

With that said, I've been on HIVE for over two years and have been consistent (as one could be) and although I had some LEO I didn't go full on with it for most of that time.

When I realized that was not a smart move, I immediately delegated to LEO VOTER and it is now the project I delegate the most to and then I decided to put more effort on buying some when I can, being more active when possible and of course joining the LPUD fun when the new year kicked in.

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One of the things I learned early on when I joined HIVE, how not to spread myself too thing by investing in everything and whittled it down to a few core projects and tokens and build those until further notice.

Of course, I should have had that mentality right off the bat, since I know how coming from the online marketing arena that the proverbial "Shiny Object Syndrome" can be a detriment to you accomplishing anything.

Now, I do try to plaster my face all over the place, because attention currency is important to me. I believe in the visibility factor when you are dealing with communities and being on HIVE is no different.

I mention that, because it may seem that I'm trying to be everywhere limiting the focus on one or two, but this is HIVE and the ecosystem that we have access to links it all in one or the other, so it is just one?

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As I mentioned earlier that this was the most I've powered up so far on @leofinance


and I feel real good about that.

There is a lot of work to do, but I have LEO on my list of must grow that stack.

When Leo Threads became a reality it emboldened me to participate among the very smart individuals that are beyond astute in finance, markets, trading, etc. and although admittedly I am still lagging behind on that, I do learn something everyday from many of the OG's in the space.

Also, with the threads microblogging option it gives me the opportunity to mingle with the OG's and not necessarily have to thread about finance, but can post about anything from soup to nuts to sports.

I'm stoked for the future of CTP, LEO, HIVE and so many of the projects in this blockchain's ecosystem and glad to have shared the LPUD experience with my fellow LIONS! ROAR!!


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