Making the best use of my five minutes of free shopping 🛒 🛒

Have you ever experienced free shopping before? getting things of your choice in a mall or in the local market without paying a dime? If yes, what was the feeling like? Lol. I guess amazing, right? Well, I once experienced free shopping back in my university days. It caught me unaware; I never saw it coming! I escorted a friend and her fiancé to ShopRite, and when we were done with our general drinks and snacks shopping, the young man asked me to pick one item of my choice over there. We were already at the counter about to pay when he took the decision. Trust me to make a wrong choice that faithful day. I didn't want to waste the young man's time over there, so I just rushed to pick one nonsense hand dryer that spoiled after a few months of purchase.


At this stage in my life with large family, if I were presented a 5 minutes free shopping? Journey with me to the SPAR LEKKI SUPERMARKET IN LAGOS STATE NIGERIA TO FEED YOUR EYES ON MY UTMOST NEED AT THE MOMENT.

Spar Lekki is one of the leading malls in Lagos State. I have purchased different types of electronics, kitchen utensils, and beverages over there in the past, and trust me, their prices and customer service are very nice for the benefit of those who would love to pay them a visit after reading my blog today...

Items to pick up within 5 minutes

  • 5 bags of rice: I guess you might be surprised about Calm down; I will tell you why. I have a family of six: three of my boys, my husband, myself, and my cousin's sister all live with me. We are all foodies. Could you believe that we consume a bag of rice in exactly 2 months? This is how much we love eating rice, and a bag of rice in Nigeria now costs between N35,000 and N40,000, which is about $50 or more. So getting this item first will save me a lot of headaches for the remaining months in this year!

  • 3 bags of 10 kg semolina: My family eats semolina almost every night, so getting this quantity of semolina will be great!

  • 25 liters of vegetable oil: a lot of the food I prepare for my family requires vegetable oil. The cost of this oil on the market currently is too high, so I wouldn't hesitate to add it to my list.

  • Carton of Noodles and spag: This is another thing that I don't want lacking at home. It has saved the day several times when I have not had much time to prepare other meals that consume much time.

  • Baby food and diapers: If you have a baby in this economy, you will agree with me that baby items are extremely expensive. I will do well to pack as many as possible to relieve me of financial pressure from this side.

  • Beverages: This is a must-pick for me. I will ensure that I pick enough quantities to serve my family and I for breakfast over a long period of time.

If you watch these items closely, you will discover that they are more food. Yes, what bothers me most now is how to stock my home with food items, as it is one of the most needed items in every home. I have personal needs, but this is my primary need at the moment; all other needs are secondary. Also, the items are well packed so closely at Spar lekki when I visited, so getting them within 5 minutes becomes an easy peasy task for nkem.

Overall, I will pick my needs and not my wants

Thanks for joining me to shopping 🛒🛍️

This post is in response to the #hivelearners community contest on the topic titled "5 Minute Shopping."

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