Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 11th

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Things That Walked Long Ago Part II by @coolmidwestguy


Nowadays, we know that all these creatures were living on this planet before us, but it is still surreal to imagine them on the planet... I wouldn't be surprised if one day, science advances so much that they can "re-create" all these species... I'm not sure that would be a good thing, but it could happen... 😃
Thanks for sharing! You wrote a great post and documented it with great photos!

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Taking Up a New Sport by @blanchy


I am in the developed stage of a mid-life crisis, so know how you are feeling there. I do have a soft spot for old tennis myself, being a fan of Anna Kournikova since a young lad. I hope you do well in tennis, my Dad plays and is also a leftie, it can affect your serve I believe.

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My Entry in Hive Open Mic Week 218 by @javedkhan1989


Happy to see you participating weekly in the Hive Open Mic. I've been watching your content on Hive for a while, but I didn't know you sang until these past few weeks. I love your voice, the singing style of your land is magic to me, it a beautiful culture I have always admired and you have a lot of it... You are doing very well in the community, I still suggest a little more effort in the post so you get more rewards, I mean images and what you write, beyond the lyrics of the song, we prefer to read how you relate it to this week's theme. I know you will surprise us week by week as you learn the dynamics of the community and interact with other participants 😉 Thanks for being here brother 🙏

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Excellent @annafenix, I love the logo and the slogan of your venture, it is delicate and expresses the promise of something exquisite to try, plus the cook is flirty and with a smile that catches.
Greetings and may you continue your achievements 🙂 🙂

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We have INTERNET at The Web3 School in Venezuela by @cbrsphilanthropy


This is great news from the Venezuelan (Hive) school project!! After those initial problems and demotivating issues, it's great to see that the ball is rolling and moving forward despite all that! With the Internet and the right direction, the sky is the limit!
I already can see online conferences and classes held in that classroom!

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