It's Thursday It's time for Larry! PLUS win 10 ALIVE tokens!

Hello Everyone!

It's Thursday today and that means it is time for Larry. It is also cleaning day for me. That's not my favorite day because I don't like cleaning so much! Once the cleaning is done though, it is worth it because it feels great to have a clean house.

Today I am giving you the chance to win 10 ALIVE tokens again, just leave a comment below with how much ALIVE you currently have staked to enter.

The winner will be announced in my next ALIVE post after at least 6 days.

Good luck!

If you want to be removed from the tag list at any time, just leave a message and I will remove you.

Here are the results of the last ALIVE giveaway:

Congratulations @melinda010100 !

To start my round, I went and did ListNerds. I read all outstanding mails and I also could send out my weekly mail for this post.

The Infinity Traffic Boost was next to be completed:

After Traffic Ad Bar was past the post with 25 websites.

I then moved on to Leadsleap where I got 31 clicks..

That was it for today.

Today was good fun to complete the round and I hope I can optimise my campaign and start to take advantage of these sites.

@bradleyarrow is growing his curation trail and will get you more exposure for your posts if you mention him. I am following his trail with upvotes, so be sure to get on his list!

Thanks for reading!

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