#JoinHive Referral Contest: $200 of $Hive + HiveSwag T-shirt Prizes!

Hive community members featured: @josehany, @gastontrussi, @yanirauseche and a cat.


The entire month of September is #JOINHIVE month! We are making a big push to onboard new users, errrr, owners, now that Peakd has integrated the hiveonboard.com referral system. To celebrate this huge feat, we are having a #jOINHIVE contest from September 1 until September 30, 2020. The top 5 Hivers who onboard the most people with their referral link will win awesome prizes!

This campaign has been in the works for months and would not be possible without the very hard work of @roomservice (creator of hiveonboard.com), the devs in @peakd, @hivetrending and many others. The sponsors of #JoinHIve are @threespeak, @theycallmedan, @nulledgh0st of @hivehustlers & @hiveswag and myself (@stellabelle). Thank you to @theycallmedan for providing the cash prizes and to @nulledgh0st for providing the t-shirt.

Ok, let’s get on with the prizes.

The top 5 Hivers who refer the most new people to Hive will win the following awesome prizes:

1st: $100 of Hive + HiveSwag T-shirt


Check out more cool designs from Hiveswag.io: https://hiveswag.io/

2nd: $50 of Hive

3rd: $25 of Hive

4th: $15 of Hive

5th: $10 of Hive

Contest Details

Deadline: September 30
The top 5 people who have referred the most people to Hive will win.
Important: Only your referrals who write a #joinhive post on Hive will be counted towards your total.

Contest Overview by @gastontrussi:




How To Enter the #JoinHive Contest:

  1. Get your personal referral link from Peakd or Hiveonboard.com. Peakd is the easiest way. Go to “actions” in your Peakd profile, and then select “your referrals”. Copy your referral link.

  2. Share your Hive referral link with friends, family, colleagues and on social media. Share everywhere!

  3. Every new person you refer to Hive must write a #joinhive post which includes: a selfie photo holding a sign of new Hive account name. Your new referrals must use the tag #joinhive in their Hive post so that we can find and verify it. If your referral wants to remain anonymous, that's fine, they can wear a mask, and still hold up the sign with their account name.

Here’s a sample two different selfies which are both acceptable:


RC and HP for Newbies

Every person who joins with your referral link will be given a small amount of HP. It’s a good practice to check on your referrals to monitor their progress and see if any are low on RC (resource credits). If someone is very active and needs more HP, visit this site and input their account name: https://giftgiver.site/
This will give them a temporary HP delegation to help them get established in the beginning.

You can do a lot of this monitoring in your Referrals page in Peakd:





Benefits of Onboarding New People With your Referral Link:

By default, you will receive 3% of the rewards from everyone who uses your referral link to join Hive. This setting can be changed by your referrals at any time, so it’s a voluntary setting from them. Most new people won’t know how to change it in the beginning, but as they learn more, they might be changing this. If you want to educate your referrals on how to change this setting, you can of course do so.

This 3% is by default and will continue even after the #JoinHive campaign is over. It’s a nice perk for those who are real referral hustlers.

OK. Let’s get this party started and start inviting people to #JOINHIVE!!!!!

(#JoinHive GIFS WILL BE FLOWING SOON! I hardly got any sleep and #HiveChat was today too! Nice job @hivetrending!)

If you’re a whale, orca or dolphin or fish, and you want to help with this initiative by directing some of your idle HP, then follow the @hivepeople trail on https://hive.vote/. Choose the account hivepeople to follow because I will be verifying all the #JoinHive posts, and upvoting the ones that don’t appear fake. I’m sure some will slip by me, but I will do my best to make sure that only real people are upvoted for this contest.

One last thing, we need some help in the Hive Marketing discord channel to verify the #JoinHive posts. Join the discord here: https://discord.gg/7yYFEq3

If you have a bit of time, come and help us do some verification of all the new people who will be onboarded during the month of September. Who knows, maybe we will have a virtual pizza party for all the volunteers who help with verifying the #JoinHive posts (there is a channel already set up that automatically imports all the posts tagged with #JoinHive).


Ok, let’s get this #JoinHive party started and find out who the real hustlers of Hive are!

Good luck to all,

Join The Hive Marketing Discord

Follow @hivepeople




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