I recently showed you a place where flowers had just sprouted on the sidewalk - between the tiles and right on the street, clustered in large bouquets, or in small, grouped as they wished. Or as it happened.

I never found out if they were planted there on purpose, or if their seeds fell just by accident, escaping from the large pots on the other side of the street.

But to jump out of the stone pot and cross the street 😄 - come on.. I know, I anthropomorphise them too much. Again.

So, here are the pots on the other side of the street,


where the flowers are already sown by human hand.


Not in order, not in lines like soldiers


but they are still invented, designed and executed as a project by the human brain/hand.


Crowded in this little narrow space.

Surrounded, limited.

With limited freedom.

With limited horizons.


Watching freedom on the other side of the street. Those wild, rebellious plants across the street. Same as them, but at the same time, completely different.


Here, in the tidy and enclosed space, the rebellious spirit is missing. There is resignation and some order here. Silence and peace.


If something is happening, it's across the street.


Here the wind blows these fragile, and at the same time tough flowers, here the sun is hotter. I don't know if anyone is watering them. I don't know if anyone takes care of them. And yet they are alive, beautiful and thriving. Fresh and invincible.


Well, the post wasn't intended to be about the rebels across the street. Because I already wrote about them.

This post had to be about the limited fenced flowers.

Are they sad? Are they aware of their lack of freedom? Do they wither and die faster because they feel damaged?



They are just as beautiful as their "free" brothers across the street.

As beautiful as any other flower is.


So, it's time to wish you a wonderful flowery Monday, and a beautiful start of the week! 😊💐

Copyright: @soulsdetour

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