Always a Flower

The world of flowers! In life, there should always be a flower.

Are you passionate about flowers? I am! A place to post your beauty! Your post can be anything. About flowers, about life, words describing them. Your passion is not limited to any subject.

For me? Musing. Oh, yes. How I love to muse. To reflect. Ponder. Play with my words and make them mean something, sometimes straightforward and sometimes almost woven into the fabric to avoid detection. A diary of thoughts, dreams, life, and dreams yet to be dreamed.

For you? The sky is the limit! Just remember! Always a flower!


- The post must contain a flower.

- Words of your choice describing it, about another subject but tying the flower in, poetry, musing. Pretty liberal parameters.

- Resteeming to spread the joy is appreciated, but not required.

- Have fun with it!!