My Flowery Wednesday Walk

This walk was absolutely intentional. Because I wanted to show you this strange place - fully corresponding to the strangeness of the whole settlement and the strangeness of the people who live in it.

I was here exactly a year ago, and then I posted 1-2 photos. Yet I must admit that then, a year ago, the impact of this view was even greater. Because everything seemed much more maintained. And the intent in the whole thing was even more apparent. It's pretty run-down now, but the intent is still evident.

So, I deliberately chose to come here at 1 p.m. In the traditional heat at this time of year - the end of August, I assumed that I would not meet anyone on the street and no one would stop me from taking pictures - you know my constant problems with people when I want to take pictures on the street.

Well, I was wrong. On the main street I passed a middle-aged man who was washing his car - a new, tuning BMW 7 series with a license plate from the UK. He didn't pay any attention to me, but I mention him also on purpose. 😌

Then, fortunately, I was able to photograph the "place" unhindered. And then, walking down the square and along the back street, people began to go out of the houses - old people. Not even gypsies this time. They went out and stood at the doors of their yards, staring at me. Notice - in the greatest heat of the day - at 1 p.m. I don't know how many degrees the air temperature had reached already, but I was sweating, either from the heat or from the anxiety. Or both.

Fortunately, from two people here on the blockchain, I have already learned what is happening in this country, and why people behave in this way - this is because of the country's communist past and the constant fear and distrust of the population - fear of each other.

That is why I approach these (permanent) situations already with understanding - I smile, greet and pass. With pity for these poor and suffering people.

But, let's cut to the chase.


Have you ever seen something like this - flowers planted or just sprouted directly on the sidewalk.




And I can assure you that when I was here a year ago and saw this place for the first time and the weeds around the flowers were weeded, the curb was clean and freshly painted with lime, the atmosphere around this place was special, surreal, downright impossible.





It seems surreal and impossible even now that it is clear that no one cares about this place anymore...






...about this sidewalk in front of a private house.

A house that is currently unclear whether it is inhabited by people.


Because this the house:


And here is the time to explain why I mentioned the man with the expensive car above - because you see the condition of the houses, streets and sidewalks in this place. Then you see the cars that people drive here (ok, it was impossible to photograph this car 😅).
And this is a very typical and quite sad feature of the Bulgarians.

But let's get back to flowers. And rejoice in them. Regardless of where they are located and where they are planted.
They are the natural beautifiers of everything. So - well-kept or not - it doesn't really matter.





Have a wonderful, sunny and flowery Wednesday! 💐☀️🌼

Copyright: @soulsdetour

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