Newbies Initiative Task 7: Final Recap and Appreciation

Greetings everyone, hope you have all been doing well? Welcome to my blog.

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Truly, whatever that has a beginning must surely have an end. It saddens my heart that the initiative as come to an end, but the lesson learned can never be forgotten. The truth is I never believe I will make it to the end of the initiative but here I am writing the final task.

How the newbies initiative has helped my hive journey
When hive was newly introduced to me I was confused about a lot of thing on the blockchain and I made a lot of mistakes on my post and most times I didn't know how to go about lot of stuffs. But been part of the newbies Initiative program has been a blessing, it has broaden my knowledge of the blockchain, helped me improve my engagement, opened my eyes to various activities and also helped me to love hive the more.

How I benefit from each task
From Task 1 to 6 was educating and exciting, each task taught me new thing entirely and I love what I've learnt so far.

The first task focused on setting goals and the importance of achieving them. @starstrings01 made us understand the importance of setting smart goals and how we can try our possible best to achieve it. My entry here

I learnt about the do's and don't of hive, thanks to @samostically who taught us on hive guidelines. I get to know about tags, why hive frown at plagiarism and why is good to be an original content creator. My entry here

I learnt about the importance of hive keys and its security, the usefulness of all the hive keys, how to check recovery account and also got to know my trustee for the first time. My entry here

I learnt about the various hive dApps, this task was quite difficult because I wasn't able to upload my video using the 3speak dApp. Also @projectmamabg gave a task on how to upload images on liketu which I participated. I got the upload on Liketu easily but I find that of 3speak hard to solve. I know someday I will publish a post using the 3speak dApp. My entry here

My link to @projectmamabg task here

I learnt about tribe tokens, tipping and mining of tokens and hive engine usage, I did a practical exercise on how to swap hive to swap.hive and vice versa using leodex for the conversion. My entry here

I learnt about Blockchain Games focusing on Rising start game. And it's one of the easiest game I've ever played and after playing I got some Starbits reward. My entry here

The aspect of the initiative that should be enhanced
I think the next set of newbies should be taught more on how to explore the 3speak dApp, I wasn't able to explore the dApp at all. Also in the aspect of designing images, using the Canvas app, the newbies should be exposed to the act of designing. It do pain me when I see people design the images they use on their blog and I don't know how to do it.

Apart from these two points of mine, the initiative program has been a blessing in all aspect to my hive journey. It's a program filled with intelligent people and awesome team leaders.

Recap on my initiative goals
I'm happy I set the goals, hmmmm but I wasn't able to achieve all, I didn't do quite well. But that won't hinder me from moving forward cause I will from now on, try to work hard to attain and supercede the goals.

But I'm really happy because I was able to start and finish the initiative program and I also participated in all tasks based on the knowledge gained from the program.

Hive power goal

I started the initiative with 81Hp and my goal was to get to 200Hp. I couldn't get there, but I was able to achieve 137Hp. I tried my best but I couldn't, I will continue writing quality post so as to get more upvote to have an increased hive power.

Followers goal

Before the initiative I had 24 followers and my goal is to get 60 followers. I wasn't able to get 60 but I got 30. I must say I haven't been engaging on others post in the blockchain due to some reasons, I will try as much as possible to be more engaging so as to be visible to other authors.

Reputation goal

I'm happy with my reputation goal, I was able to get from 57 to 59.5 and my goal was to get to 60. Approximately, I got a reputation of 60

Comment goal

I didn't do well in my comment goal at all, not engaging frequently on the Blockchain affected this goal too. My comment was 415 before the initiative and my goal was to have an additional 1000 comments to make is 1415 but I wasn't able to meet up. My comment now is 675, which means I only had an additional 260 comments. I will try my possible best to work on my consistency on the hive blockchain.

A very big thank you to all newbies Initiative team, the team leaders, all that work for the success of this program, the curators and also to all newbies members. Thanks for the knowledge shared and for impacting us. Special thanks to @vickoly the Team 2 TL, thanks for your time and hard work. You are all loved and appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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