Beauty Of Creativity Contest Week-01 || Share Your Best Nature Photography [RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT]

Credit: @faisalamin

Hello Everyone. How are you all? Today, we are glad to announce our very first contest result. Our first contest announcement link:- Beauty Of Creativity Contest Week-01 || Share Your Best Nature Photography We had total 5 participants this time. Hopefully, the number will increase in the upcoming contests. So, let's have a look at the winning entries.

1st Place



My today's photos are related to our mountains and its nature, how the mountains and our state are not only called Devbhoomi but also us. Here it looks quite adorable amidst the beautiful plains and the blooming mountains. Post Link

2nd Place



Nowadays the craze of photography has gone so much in the world, people take photographs and decorate them in their homes and show them to the people. Photos are uploaded on social media a lot, people keep showing their good photos to each other. Post Link

3rd Place


Many of us may enjoy its appearance when the morning sun rises. But I used to see it every morning. When I went to study tuition in the morning. I had to cross the river in the morning. So I could see that beautiful view in the morning from the river pot. Post Link



Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. Congratulations to the winners & best of luck to others for the upcoming contests. The prize will be distributed soon.

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