Why I Hate Hive





Why shouldn’t I hate Hive when all I see are evident traces of partiality, unfairness and conscious partitioning of wealth/votes?

You all know what you’re doing, and I can see through y’all sneaky games.

I joined just last month, but damn! I’ve heard enough; and the lies are beginning to irritate me.

After all the hype and frenzy few of my friends made in their “so-called” Hive Hangout about Hive being a place where content creators get rewarded for their contents…blah blah blah, I took it upon myself to understudy, join and partake as well.

I didn’t bother to meet them for further enquiry since, you know, the internet is your friend and you can do all things at your finger-tips; this will also give me a first-hand experience and quench my curiosity.

I had a hard time registering and I was also required to purchase some Hive to stake (so much for the free registration and access; all lies and advertisement strategy).

For a whole week, I consistently made 2 quality writeups of 200 words daily. Not only that, I accompanied them with lovely and breathtaking pictures downloaded from Facebook and Twitter. Yet, some of my posts were muted in different communities and a man or woman called Hive Watchers also warned me about my posts (and yet they preach “freedom” and decentralized powers; all lies). I don't know who the fvck s/he is.

When I make posts of 300 or 500 words on few occasions, I expect to have a big vote, instead I either end up with $0.02 or my post get a huge downvote taking it to $0.00. Yet, there are people who constantly get $50, $100 each time they make a post. This is complete partiality and not fair!

Even when I tried to make an appeal for people to help vote my content since it wont cost them anything, I was ousted and heavily condemned for begging for votes. What should I have done!

I am literally fed up, and this is not helping me at all."

"I hate Hive so much and all it offers."



Oh boi! This story was too harsh!

I always get carried away when my imagination leads me to digging up worst-case scenarios because these things happen every day on a peacemeal basis.

To keep it simple, if you have been reading up some relevant articles and guidelines on Hive as a Newbie you will easily spot out the obvious mistakes of my fictional character: his ignorance and pride are thoroughly embedded in the above piece.

However, in order to respond to His article on “Why I Hate Hive”, I will make a rejoinder to tell him “What he should have done better on Hive and in Life.”


I prefer to equate Life and Hive because some of the principles you learn in life can be applied to Hive, and some of the principles you learn on Hive can also be applied in Life, and your dealings with people; lest you forget, Hive doesn’t exist in a vacuum.



Since childhood, we have experienced different forms of guidance from our parents, siblings, extended families, school teachers and religious teachers. This guidance has shaped the knowledge, ideologies and principles that govern our day to day activities. It has also laid a good foundation for us to explore and get certified in our own field of interest. In the same way, on Hive, there is a great need for guidance to lay a good foundation whence one can develop and explore. However, on Hive, this guidance should begin prior to joining Hive.

Special Shoutout to @starstrings01 @olujay and @monioluwa on the Hive Newbie Bootcamp project they began with the aim of training good and quality Hivians before onboarding

The young man who wrote that piece experienced difficulties with the registration process and he had to purchase Hive and stake it before he could navigate Hive. This should have easily been avoided when you have someone to guide you.

Your guide will onboard you using either Hiveonboard, ecency or lefinance frontend, and put you through the rules on Hive. He or she will probably assist by delegating some HP to you so that you don’t have to buy and stake Hive, if you don’t have the resources.

Your guide will also put you through the different community rules and tell you what you need to do, and insist on originality, quality and citation of external materials; this will prevent you from having any plagiarism related issues.



But he didn’t rely on any guide; he wanted to do all things by himself. Hence, all these things happened to him because of his “unwillingness to learn.”

When one is unwilling to learn, Pride sets in and makes you feel as though you are superior. It makes you feel as though no one can offer you any useful information because you are Mr. or Miss I-KNOW-IT-ALL.

This is totally wrong and it puts you in a difficult position. When you are unwilling to learn, you become prone to failure and disappointments. You close up your mind and do not create any room for growth.

On the other hand, your willingness to learn takes you to a different phase in life and puts you on the right path of success. For instance, with the last task of the Newbies Initiative we have seen the testimonies and experiences of those who took out their time to learn and grow on this lovely space. Their willingness to learn earned them that spot and what they’ve benefitted. With this knowledge they’ve gained, they can confidently explore Hive because they are equipped with the knowledge to do so.

However, this knowledge is, in fact, the beginning of the learning process, because learning is endless: the more we journey towards learning, the more we continue going a step higher in this endless journey.

If he was willing to learn he would have taken the advice of the moderators who muted his Posts, or Hive Watchers who'll tell you your offence before penalising you.

If he was willing to learn, he should have asked for Help!

Help will make him understand Hive better, understand how to progress on Hive, how to avoid mistakes, how to give out quality and the best always, how to engage better and gain visibility/audience.


Feel free to drop more advice, ideas and suggestions to correct the young man in the fictional piece above: there are many people like him on Hive and your suggestions may help them.

And by the way, you can also read up my articles on A Letter to a Newbie: 5 Necessary Tips for you to Get Started on Hive. This post together with other relevant links in the post will guide you on what you need to look out for as Newbies to grow on Hive.

You can also read up DIARY OF A CONTENT CREATOR ON HIVE. This will help you understand better about the struggles we face as Content Creators on Hive, and how we can be better and improve.

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I may not be your favourite author, but you can journey with me to help me develop my writing cum creative skills. I am always open to criticism, correction and learning 🥰.

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