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Hello everyone on Hive, Welcome to my blog as I take you through the last task of the newbies' initiative. The experience so far has been worth it, as I got to learn a lot about those basic aspects that hold hive. Hive is a complex community, and learning it on your own is a hard journey to embark on. Not that going through the phase of learning alone isn't possible, but to make it easy, @newbies-hive has made the journey an easy one.

My opinion about Newbie's Initiative.

Regarding the question asked, I have seen how impactful the initiative is, and I believe it has helped so many others who did not even participate in the initiative for one reason or another. This insightful information from newbies' posts about the task has been spread across different blogs, increasing the number of views on information that may not have been available to the newbies and even some of the older users. The guidance from every meeting has been an easy path to understanding what may not have been successful in a day or two research. Going in search of those key materials shared in the newbie announcement channel would have been so hard for a lot of us new users to find, where some of the content may have lasted for one or two years and above.

In the light of the above information, the newbies' initiative is taking place at the right time with the right people and for the right audience.

My journey on Hive would have been suspended for a really long time based on one thing or another around me, but due to the initiative and the help of my team leader @nkemakonam89 who was able to put me back on track, my journey on Hive has been successful.

How did the task benefit me?

There is one thing with learning and another with putting what you've learned into practice. For one to have a nice learning experience, the practice aspect has to be there. The task didn't just help me learn; I had to put into practice what I learned. Without practice, there is this tendency to forget easily because when information is stored in the form of words, there's no concrete hold on it compared to when there is a physical representation of everything learned. which is why I am saying that I had to put into practice what I learned via the task.

What aspects of the initiative do you believe we could enhance, and how?

Re-blogging of initiative post of the team members.

How to enhance it

From this aspect, I would love a pace where newbies initiative participation can be shared by the sponsors, leaders, and also members who do participate in the task. Here, I believe it will make most hivers who may not have gotten specific information on a particular blog benefit and also learn one or two things from a particular task being shared based on their relationship here on hive. Most of us the newbies, don't have a greater audience even with the use of vital tags, and sometimes they don't send the right information if they are not supported by the major whales of the program.

My objectives and the extent I have gone

Well, setting goals is like dreaming enormously big, which I did, and by his special grace, I worked towards achieving them. Along the line, I experienced some huddles that affected my participation on the platform, but I am happy I didn't let it affect my zeal to participate on the platform to the point of leaving the space.

Among my hive goals, I did function in the various aspects I listed, but I specifically hit the target in my cent journey.


During my goal-setting, I was at 17k cent and needed about 3k cent to meet the target, which I had to swap some hive and stake the cent to make it 20k plus cent , and I am happy I succeeded, and I hope to meet other targets sooner or later.

My Appreciation

I want to specially thank the team for a job well done, in the likes of @newbies-hive, @alentio, @theycallmedan, @starstrings01, @ksam, @nkemakonam89, @projectmamabg, and every other person who in one way or another affected this movement positively. I want to say having you all around was the best movement.

Thank you for reading!
I am @isaacngore.

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