A Tribute to Dreemport

Good day Bees,
I hope we all are doing well.
I had prepared this post for creative Sunday yet I couldn’t post it due to network unavailability in my area. That’s why posting it today.

Something new happened this Sunday. I haven’t ever sung on any platform, yet I sang that day and recorded my voice . Above all I am going to upload it to Hive. How Sublime!!! Hehe. Well, I know nothing about singing. So the tolerance and patience of the listeners is appreciated ....!

And For those who cannot bear the voice, may read the poem below 😊

Wherever we go
We invade the place.
Not with force or hatred
But with the power of love,
Kindness, affection and generosity.

With passion and creativity,
We take a community to next level
And make it more adorable.
Our stay at every place is memorable
Because we enrich them with our activity
And bloom the flowers of connectivity.

We spread giggles and laughter all around.
We fill the space with cheerfulness that we surround.

Genuineness is our watchword
and compassion is our attitude.
With empathy and appreciation
We cultivate motivation and inspiration.

We are like symbionts.
With whomsoever we connect,
We make the relation worthwhile.
Win-win is our policy
With us, you are sure to smile.

We are not a group
We are a family
Who rejoice together at the time of celebrations
And condolence the pains with altruism

Do you wanna know
Who we are?
“We are the Dreemers.*"
Dreemport is our home.
Our doors are opened for everyone
Whoever wants to join us in the fun.
Just click on this [Link] (https://discord.gg/CE4W5fugZv)
And be the part our family in a blink.


I have written this poem as a tribute to Dreemport and Dreemers. For those who don’t know about Dreemport, let me briefly tell that Dreemport is a website where you can earn dreem tokens by reading and ranking 5 posts everyday. Then you can submit your own posts to be read and rated by others. This way you get fresh eyes for your content.

It is the simplest description for Dreemport. However, the platform is much more than this. It is not simply about earning but about being connected heart to heart. We do not read to read but we read to feel. We love to celebrate happy moments our fellows with them. We extend our hands to them when in need. Our moto is to add some positivity, motivation and feeling of being heard and understood to our users. We value everyone for who they are.

Who are the Dreemers? The faithful users of the site who understand our vision of genuineness and connectedness are called Dreemers.

Want to know more about Dreemport?
Pop in the Dreemport Discord Server. Using Dreemport is easy. Click this link to know how to be a part of Dreemport.


Inspiration behind the poem. Dreemport collaborates with a community every month. Last month the collaboration was with Ecency. When I checked the leader board last week , I was so elated to see that more than 80% names were of Dreemers .

It has not happened for the first time. Whenever Dreemport collaborated with any community it brought wonders. There was a time when we flooded the inkwell community with influx of posts. Once Dreemport collaborated with Wednesday walk and #makemesmile together. The collaboration of the community (Wednesday walk) with the tag (make me smile) formed by Dreemport is still mushrooming. Once, Dreemport organized a 6 week challenge for health related behaviour modification. Oh my God! It was magical. Many of the participants successfully modified their habits what they otherwise would not.
Currently, Dreemport is collaborating with Scholars and Scribe Community. You can join us.


The video is created on viva video using free music available on the app. The image is used in the video is taken fromgiphy
The header is created by me on canva

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