Scholar & Scribe - HERE WE COME!!! Task #1 (its SO easy, guys!!!)

BEFORE I FORGET... it's NOT TOO LATE to find the Easter eggs on the DreemPort site for some extra treats ❤️ 14 of you will be getting treats soooooon, but let's see if any other dreemers can find them before we hide those eggs for another time! hehehe

We begin tomorrow!

At the end of August, you're going to look back and think - I did it!! I have absolutely EVERY confidence in this! Because you ALL have a story to tell. And every time you flex those creative muscles - they become stronger.

DO NOT try to write a best-seller. Just express your heart, see where your imagination takes you. Explore new ideas - or old ones that you've set aside! Whatever is lurking there - right below the surface... bring it to life for us!

But how should we begin?

Introductions, of course.

This quick intro post will be due tomorrow! (it's very simple!) We have new family this month! Let's take a deep breath, offer a tenative, blushing smile (hehe, I see you @blackdaisyft!!) and realize we are all just a bit nervous! 💞

And since everything is better with chocolate...

I'd like you to start out with describing your favorite dessert. Not only the flavor, texture, scent... but WHY is this your favorite? Is there some memory associated with it? Some special feeling?

It doesn't have to be a full post on this dessert - but convince us WHY THIS IS the best dessert in the whole wide sea! 😆

Feel free to add a picture if you like too! (either your own image - and please state that it is your own. OR an image that is licensed for commercial blogging from a site like Pixabay, Unsplash,Pexels or more!) Our screeners MANUALLY check your posts - so please be kind and save some time by adding in the LINKS for your image sources ❤️

And then?? A hard part, Dreemie?

Nope! Not hard at all. Simple, actually!

Answer these questions. They can just be quick little responses, or you can answer them more fully! Just let us see who you are!

  • How long have you been with Hive? (a simple number is fine!)
  • Have you ever written fiction before? (yes or no is fine! hehe)
  • Are you familiar with Scholar & Scribe (They are SO excited to meet you!!!)
  • Are you expecting this to be a fun challenge, challenging challenge, exciting challenge, or are you really dreading writing publicly? (Be honest - we are here to cheer you on!)
  • Are you going to TRY to go for the 3 part serial fiction (over 3 weeks), the engagement Bingo option, simply stick to SOME fiction this month for Scholar&Scribe, or some other option altogether?

See, you keep expecting it to be tricky and hard! hehehe nope.
This is gonna be smooth sailing!!

Here is your BINGO card!!!

Anyone who would LIKE to... can visit the "SCHOLAR AND SCRIBE INTRO" post (starting tomorrow) from some of the DREEMERS! And YOU edit this card by filling in the names of those that you visit!!!!

Yeah! so you have auto-bingos! hehehe!! ❤️

see how we WANT you to win!!

Here is the list of dreemers who said they are IN (so far! hehe)So maybe choose some people you don't know well yet! If your name isn't here - and you want to be - just tag @dreemsteem in the comment section and say "this dreemer is in" so you will be added to the list! ❤️

@jane1289, @juliamulcahy, @bluefinstudios, @acgalarza, @samsmith1971, @wrestlingdesires, @sacra97,@palomap3, @oceanbee, @unklebonehead, @ngwinndave, @hannes-stoffel, @kei2, @nkemakonam89, @lordtimoty, @anonymous02, @nickydee, @george-dee, @mypathtofire, @iskafan, @creatr, @melinda010100, @buezor, @idksamad78699, @joseph23, @merit.ahama, @cool08, @b0s, @mrenglish, @hopestylist, @maryjacy, @fragozar01, @beeber, @kenechukwu97, @ayesha-malik, @sacra97, @jpatrick28, @blackdaisyft, @deraaa, @ijohnsen, @anonymous02, @fragozar01



  • write your intro post on Monday (it would be GREAT for you to use @Ecency since they love supporting us!!!)

  • publish your post to the Scholar and Scribe community so we start populating that community with love and joy!!!

  • submit your post to the DreemPort site on Monday by 5pm PST - so that all the dreemers can curate on Tuesday and meet you!!!!

  • START THINKING about what you'd like to write for Friday!! hehe (more help is coming! don't worry hehe)

  • ....and did you catch those Easter eggs on the homepage of DreemPort? get them quick! hehe

Everything is better with chocolate

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