How do I use DreemPort? It's easy! :)


Up until now,

We've really been just sharing information about DreemPort through challenges supporting communities, or through word of mouth. But as the word spreaads more and more about our DreemPort project, - more people are asking how they can join in! So.... we thought it would be best to be just a little bit more public now!

Here is what makes our project cool - in our humble opinion!

  • CONTENT CREATORS have the ability to control their visibility! (That's new! Lol) which means it gives:

    • NEWBIES more eyes on their content! (Remember how hard it was being a newbie, waiting for people to just "happen to wander" to your post???)

    • OLDBIES a chance for fresh, NEW viewers (A lot of oldbies have a very SET-IN-STONE following - which is a good thing! but can feel like you're in a rut. We help get them more exposure to new viewers to keep it interesting!)

  • THERE ARE NO FOLLOWERS, NO COMMUNITIES, NO CLIQUES on DreemPort. It's all randomized. If you want followers, COOL - we give you the posts! Like them? You're already visiting their blog on THEIR platform! Upvote, comment and follow them THERE! (We are all about supporting EXISTING platforms, front-ends and communities!)

  • SPAM-RESISTANT. PLAGIARISM-RESISTANT. (We really hate spam and plagiarism. Just don't even try it. It's NOT worth it.)

  • It's fair. (really?!?!) yup. Watch THIS VIDEO if you want to know how important this was to us...

We debuted this summer - and we were the first of its kind!

A true cross-platform, autonomous site that allows people to check out readers from other platforms WITHOUT having guilt over feeling disloyal to their favorite platform. (You should in NO WAY feel bad for earning tokens for YOUR work on OTHER platforms! There is enough crypto for us ALL to thrive on MULTIPLE platforms!)

No upvotes or downvotes on DreemPort. You dont need 'em!

You earn by CURATING genuinely. (why yes, we do have a way to tell if it's genuine!) If you want to upvote and downvote - FEEL FREE!

    • When you visit the post on THE BLOGGER'S PLATFORM, Use the system that is supported there!

      • Reading a post from HIVE? Upvote/downvote/ comment (and you can earn HIVE AND DREEM for that)

      • Reading a post on BLURT? No downvotes there - but you can upvote and comment (and you can earn BLURT and DREEM for that!)

      • From VOCAL? Just clicking and reading helps the content creator!

      • From MEDIUM? Give a clap if you like!

(If you're not a member on these platforms's fine! It's not necessary to join ANY platform! Just read and drop your evaluation on DreemPort! That's all you NEED to do.)

How do you earn DREEM tokens?

  • Earn for curating content genuinely.

  • Are you one of the top five daily ranked? Earn more

  • One of the weekly top five ranked? Earn more.

  • Enter a #DreemPortChallenge!

We are pretty proud of what we are building. We've only seen great things coming from it in the last 6 months.

We aren't really promoting or hyping at this stage. Just having fun, making connections, building strong, and creating a lasting foundation.

The Dreem Teem has a hard-core, long-term vision, and we are.... calmly excited. Hehehe

So - Ready? Would you like to meet new readers/writers? You're totally welcome to join in!

  • Register on DreemPort (we are STILL in testing for the site, so you help us make it better!) Emails are not used to confirm at this stage. So once you register, your username and password works! Start!


  • Click CURATION. You will be given 5 random posts to read.


Accept - if you can see the person made a valuable attempt at writing content! Reject - if you can see it's obvious spam. (Obvious spam. Like...SPAM spam) DreemPort focuses on WRITTEN content right now. So photography,videos,music, art....all great for DreemPort IF they have enough WRITTEN content to support the post. If not? Reject for DreemPort. (but feel free to support them as valuable content on THEIR platform, if you feel led!)


  • After reading them all, (and having the opportunity to engage, support - and ALSO BEING SURE to tell them that @dreemport brought you there! hahaha) You will be asked if you are CERTAIN of your ratings.


Of course - you're certain! You're a careful curator! 😁 You move to the next screen which then is going to allow you to RANK. Each person gets a RANDOMIZED selection of 5 daily posts to curate. This allows us to rank each post against DIFFERENT users in DIFFERENT groupings. Why is this important? Because not only will you get a new judge - but you'll be judged against as MANY posts as are available that day. In a group of STRONG posts, you might rank lower - in a group of WEAKER posts, you might rank higher. The more posts your post is judged against, the more ACCURATE your curation average rating is!

Once you enter the screen for ranking,

the screen will show all 5 OF THOSE POSTS you rated for accept/reject.

Now, click and drag your favorites in order from most liked to least liked.

Top for your most liked, Bottom - least preferred! SIMPLE!


Come back the next day to see if you matched our Guild's evaluation of spam/not spam for those posts.

If you did? Yayyy you earn tokens!

(and consistency will start to pay off in increasing levels which means higher token rewards!)

ONE LAST THING!!! AFTER CURATION, WOULD YOU LIKE TO DROP YOUR POST in for the next day's curation? If so...go for it!

Click SUBMIT on the top toolbar.


But please note.. we have strict PG-13 standards since people don't get to CHOOSE what they can and cannot read. We won't force people to read things with a stronger rating than that. It's all randomly selected IN ORDER TO PRESERVE THE FAIR ASSESSMENTS - which means people have no choice but to read what they are given. Hence...PG-13.


Understand - We have no problem with R rated content on MANY OF OUR STAFF WRITE R-RATED MATERIAL! But DreemPort's guidelines are strictly PG-13 for the reasons stated above. Just keep R-stuff for your platform, and share the "safer" stuff on DreemPort!😁

What do you think? Sound easy enough?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers with DreemPort!

All DreemPort images property of DreemPort and designed by the amazing @jimramones. Please do not use without permission from DreemPort.

For more info - feel free to grab a TESTER ROLE in the DREEMPORT DISCORD SERVER. Ask as much as you like!

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