A Vision for a Virtual World Community - Version 1

My response to a comment by @sorin.cristescu
Please read my comment and Sorin's comment reply for context. Sorin's reply is his vision for a "Virtual Country", the Hive Republic!

My reply
i love your vision Sorin. Thank you so much for sharing.

@matrix-8's (John Huckel) and my vision is quite similar, i share it below:

The Matrix-8 Solution Vision

Our evolving vision is for a Self-Governing virtual world community, with it's own economic, organisational, funding and pure democracy consensus systems built in.

Edit. To clarify, by "Virtual World Community", i am not talking about a Virtual Reality world game, but Virtual as in having no physical location. If you live on the moon you can also join.

Ultimately there will be many thousands, possibly millions of autonomous virtual organisations, all using the Matrix-8 Solution, with all participants connected to the Mother Platform.

We call these autonomous virtual organisations Cause Groups. These Cause Groups could be

  • Communities (Virtual and/or in a physical location)
  • Businesses(Virtual and/or in a physical location)
  • Virtual Countries (thanks for that addition to the Matrix-8 Solution vision Sorin)
  • Any large organisation (approximate minimum of 50-100 people - with no upper limit as the structure is a fractal).

i will refer to all these as Cause Groups from now on.

The Matrix-8 Solution Community Governance System

The system is for 2nd layer community governance - not for first layer censorship resistant governance to secure the blockchain upon which it relies for integrity.

The Matrix-8 Solution Community Governance System will be employed to enable the above vision, or the vision of any Cause Group which uses a Matrix-8 Platform.

It includes:

  • A Concentrated Consensus and Voting Mechanism
  • An Organisational Structure
  • A Cause Funding Platform (for Crowd-Funding)

The Consensus Mechanism

The Consensus Mechanism has a Virtual Framework, a constantly flowing structure enabling an equitable consensus mechanism which facilitates Pure Democracy within each autonomous organisation.

Every individual who anonymously and voluntarily chooses to register in the platform and join a consensus mechanism meeting (in small group of eight people called 8PAC's, ie. 8 People in Active Communication) in an Cause Group which they have joined, also gains access (no new registration needed) to the Matrix-8 Mother Platform, ie. the Virtual World Cause Group.

Individuals only (not organisations) can enter a consensus mechanism meeting. One does not need to be a member of any of the sub platform Cause Groups, but can just register directly in the Virtual World Cause Group to join a consensus meeting for worldwide causes.

The Organisational Structure

(optional for sub-platforms)
This is a particular (and proven i am told) organisational structure, a business system if you like, for the running of the operation of each autonomous organisation which chooses to use a sub platform of The Matrix-8 Solution. i will not go into detail about this here as more will be written soon about this, but the images below (which need editing slightly - but are good for now) shows the basics.
[EDIT - from John Huckel] ... but, the most important takeaway at this point is found in the first division – the Governance Division. All operational decisions are made there – it is like the driver of the machinery. The rest of the divisions are a detailed interactive set of the mechanical operations that any organization follows once it is put into gear. (Even a small business of 5 people follows all the different functions delineated to some degree.)

And recognize that the Governance Division envisioned closely follows the checks-and-balances structure of US (and British) Governance. Decision making is shared by the Executive (the one voice of the Mob – like a President of the US House of Representatives, or a Prime Minister of the British House of Commons); the Legislature (akin to the US Senate, or British House of Lords) will be a relatively small body of Opinion Leaders selected because of their expertise; and the Judiciary, another small group elected for their wisdom.

The Deliberations regarding what to do next take place in the Executive branch. Those proposal are then passed through the Senate, which makes sure all the Real World logistics are in place, and then gives Orders to the rest of the organization to get things moving. The Judiciary can veto any operation which falls outside the overall Policies and Purposes of the Cause Group. It is like the Group's conscious.

Right now, you and I (atma.love & @matrix-8), the Founders, are acting like the Executive Branch. We need to first put the structure in place. What's next in importance is found in the next division – Recruitment.
[End of Edit]


I will add source links / credit for the original versions of this organisational structure diagram when i find them.

The Cause Funding Platform

If / when organisations are unable to raise sufficient funds internally necessary for their cause, they can "crowd-fund" externally. Charitable Cause Groups in particular will use this platform. More details to follow.

I will leave it at this for now, this being just Version 1.
Much more has already been written giving more detail on the intricacies of how the system works. The next version will include links to some previous posts to help gain more understanding.

In the meantime, feel free to dive in deeper for some key details:

@matrix-8 (John) is currently re-writing the Matrix-8 Solution White Paper which will be published very soon. John's original Introduction & White Paper (from nearly 2 years ago) is very lengthy so you may wish to wait until the more concise and to the point updated version. But you can find it here if you have an hour or two to spare :-)

i invite you to contribute to this evolving vision with your suggestions, questions, comments and ideas, by commenting below, and/or by joining the Telegram Matrix-8 General Discussion Group

If you would like to be notified when version 2 of A Vision for a Virtual World Community is published, please comment below (or join the Telegram Group)

You may also Join the New Age DApps Hive Community to read additional posts and to see new content.

Sat Nam

Ps. A new Decentralised Hive Activity Game is in Development which we plan to use to pre-alpha test the Matrix-8 Solution. Learn about the #ecencyleaderboardrace game here

All photos taken by me with Redmi Note 9 Pro (unless noted otherwise)

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