First forest walk in 2023! Spoiler alert! I did find mushrooms 😂

Friday, 6th of January 2023 [26]

Calm down, it’s all good! I’ve heard a rumour that I’m missing in action, cause I’m still recovering from hangover post NYE, but it is not ALL true! It’s FriYay and I am #aliveandthriving 😁

#Consuela has moved into my body permanently now and she’s refusing to pay any rent. She says waking me up early makes me more productive, so that should cover her rent, but that’s all lies.

Yes, I got up at 6:30am on my off day again! Was I productive? Not at all! I hangout with folk in #LeoThreads and others in #Discord and of course here in comments section. My alter ego @fantagira7 is growing more confident and at some point decided to take me over in @ecency Leaderboard! I had to show her where her place is 😂

Anyway… let’s get to that walk! #Hive makes me way too excited! I keep meeting cool people, winning prizes and receiving free tokens! This morning I was flying high as a kite on excitement and I had to leave the house and make myself grounded. What if I fly away? I don’t even know how to fly yet 🙈

So this yellow flower above… well, don’t even get me started. I’ll talk about my relationship with it in another post. Today is meant to be about mushrooms for #FungiFriday by @ewkaw !

So here is my first one. I mean, it’s January- what do you expect? A flying agaric and porcini? Not in UK 😂 I did find many mushrooms though.

In fact it seems as though the mushrooms were trying to impress me with the quantity today. At first I saw a tree trunk with them.

Then another huge branch populated by millions of them (I know, I have a tendency to exaggerate)!!!

‘They are billions!’ springs to mind. It’s a title of a tower defence #zombie game I play! They are impressive though… you must admit it.

I know, it’s a much more measurable number than millions, but they look a lot!

And from underneath:

And the whole view:

Then they thought to show me their orange faces too! Or shall I say underskirts?

All perfectly entangled around the other growth on that tree.

I found the colours really striking. Almost as striking as those coral mushrooms I sometimes brag about, but maybe not just exactly as exciting, cause coral mushrooms also look exotic. That’s their ‘brand’.

But those orange guys sure try! Looking up close they even have tiny hair thingies.

They also look good in contrast to the green grass around them. While on the trees they just looks striking. My eyes were surely attracted to them.

Well, whatever you call them - I found many mushrooms and above all I managed to ground myself a little. Enough to cook a healthy dinner and finally write another post. Believe me or not, but there was also chicken and mushrooms, but I was too hungry to snap another picture. I'm re-introducing 16-8 intermittent fasting!

Last time I showed the sign of life here was 6 days ago. No wonder the rumours started!

In truth, my alter ego took over a little bit. It was meant just for crypto/financial topics, but ever since she discovered #threads it all went out of control. Threads are confusing as fuck and even more entertaining 😂

Anyway… I wish I could tell you more about the name of those mushrooms, but I don’t know any. What’s this guy above? Is this even #fungi? Cause I can’t tell. It grows on a tree, so I’m guessing it is.

How about this fella above? Looks like his brother from another mother that fell of the tree due to the stormy weather we had been experiencing.

Other than that, I call them ‘oh mushroom’ or ‘another one’ or ‘this one is beautiful’ or ‘oh wow!’. I mean, they’re all valid names for the mushrooms, don’t you think?

Some of them could also be called melting mushrooms. Not much of them is left after the heavy rains.

Or elderly mushroom. Or unrecognisable mushrooms. This one above I suspect was once a hedgehog! I dare you to fins one spike on it. I didn’t try. It was already too much effort to climb up the hill to take another shot. Also dogs were chasing me 😂

I kinda made a pact with myself that I will try to make my posts shorter and more digestible by many. Don’t tell #Ernesto though, cause suddenly he’ll jump in, not tired anymore and will make this mushroom post grow to 2.5k words again 😂

So I’m gonna test myself. Can I write more posts with under 1k words, rather than my weekly overgrown versions? Let’s start today!

Not before I show you THIS thing above though! What animal made this print do you recon?

I put my hand to it so you can see the real size. Not so you can admire my nails. They didn’t turn out great for NYE, cause I was rushing like crazy 😜

And here is also not mushroom. It’s one of my favourite picture spot of this forest. Do you know how many times I took a similar picture? Probably almost as many as I walked through this path and had my phone on me. Sometimes there are no flowers, so I snap the seedpods instead. One day when I’m feeling less lazy I’d love to fish them all out and make a collage. Or better yet - dedicate the whole post for them!

Ehhh… so many ideas, so little time! Let’s get back to mushrooms 😁 oh wait, I’m out of mushrooms and out of words, so I’ll leave now. Above you can see how it all ended in a miserable, smelly fog of something burning in my neighbourhood.


Until next time 💙

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