The susceptibility To Change; Keeping Positive Values But Shedding Negative Tendencies


Lately I've been running out of ideas to make myself a better person, so what I do is to listen to criticism, both positive and negative, check them constructively rather than sentimentally disagreeing. A lot of people are dogged in their resolve, they feel too perfect to change.

They're caught up in their self-righteousness so much that they've built a particular aura around their behavioral tendencies making it seem like they cannot change, under remorse, under understanding or because they've come to learn something different which of course should trounce the initial beliefs they have. I've met a lot of people like this in the past few months. Lacking understanding and empathy.

One of the dangerous tendencies of people is having no sense of empathy or the ability to change when their conscience is pricked. Truth is, at several periods in our lives, everyone deserves to go through an epiphany. We can only do this; when we key into an external experience that feels so relatable. Self realization is an example.

Some people often adjudicate certain attributes to themselves, choosing to shut down all nuances appealing to them to change. Change is constant and as humans we must be open to change, because our environment, our gene and the surrounding people are the reaction we need to always be a different person at every slightly prerogative.

I always try to be open to understanding, sometimes I try to always learn because some qualities, tendencies or values in us might seem so good but then tomorrow they might not be relevant. The world is changing at a maximal level and many are changing and adapting at a very slow level making it difficult for them to conform, attain adjustability.

In life, we all need adjustability. While some values in us should remain forever, there are other attitudes we imbibe as a result of the society we live in but sometimes when we fail to shed these irrelevant tendencies, it can make us toxic to our fellow human and ourselves of course.


Being overly entitled is one of these tendencies; I feel this is an archaic behavioral tendency. The world is striving for equality, liberalism, equity and selflessness. While tendencies like being overly entitled makes people think they're deserved of something more than their fellow humans. This comes as a result of a toxic egotistical side to a person.

I believe that inasmuch as some people are bestowed with power, beauty, intelligence or wealth more than their fellow humans, allowing these qualities to make you feel superior makes you also value yourself above other people; some people feel that having some of these earthly endowment means they're special but then, this is pride and self-conceit. Some people believe self-esteem isn't pride which is true but then a lot of other mistakes their pride and haughtiness for self-esteem making them blind to the fact that they should change.

For example, good-looks is one of those endowment that often blinds people to moral. But then it's no more about who you are, the world is becoming more about "what you are". "What you are" are those things you eschew. I believe what a person is what they chose to be and not original how they're born or attributes that are attached to them.

A lot of others often bask in who they are, making it difficult for them to know what they truly are. I feel that inasmuch as I think I might be a good person, sometimes I need to listen close, judge my errors rightly to know if this isn't just an opinion held by only me. Some would often say that they don't care what others woyly say about them just to mask their negative values, nevertheless when we're susceptible to change, we become better people overtime, only changing some tendencies but keeping our original values.

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