A Taste Of You.... (POB WOTW) {An Original Poetry)


I see you, afar off,
slithering sequentially
as a colored python
on green grasses.
You are,
dimly lit;
yet, luminously enough
to set this triangular space
glimmering as velvet,
in a candle night

Oh! You're music!
That caresses the ears
like a light breeze
on a windy evening.
As Orpheus, you're stringing mad metals
into my bloodstream,
but in a moment;
you're close,
as the rhythm pilfers
gently throbbing,
an irregular beat,
that gongs like the devil's voice
on a thundery evening



The way you mince words,
is ravenous;
like a tiger,
slowly-fastly; devouring,
a tender chunk of lamb,
as reddish juicy oozes off
dripping down the jaw
like a crazed vampire
in translucent night.

A taste of death
resides in you,
a crispy tint of blue,
meshed with Nerium oleander
as endless strawberries
dies in your glittering fangs.
again.. Your smiles fades away
like an orange sunset
fading away in hyperlapse.
And at this moment,
I have begun to hunger for you,



Your scent tingles,
curling through,
inviting and inciting,
as a ripening citrus tree
on a summer day,
it brings flashes
of monochromic memories,
to the tip of the tongue
and once again I'm reborn
in the wastefulness
of my childhood


I await your reckoning;
a lusty touch
that sends spiral waves
and brings me, my ego and I
crashing into a state of simplicity...

Written by @Josediccus


All sensual themed image Owned and taken by me @josediccus ©

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