The Stench Of Change (An Original Poetry)


How horridly
does yesterday dies?
like a candle light,
clattering aimlessly
to the drunken vibes
of the wind?
I remember the moonlight,
and the familiar chirping
of the night,
leaking roofs,
and smouldering flames
stabbing my infant eyes

How suddenly,
does the oriental
songs fades
into endless façade?
it is like waking
to the clings and clangs
of swords.
the ding dongs of
have found it's way,
into our soul,
like a viper's venom
in the bloodstream

How Speedily,
has moments
sped past us
like mad speedometers?
a stench of burning tyres
and the corpses
of a flying machine
littering the Mediterranean
oh how lost are we?
farthest into revampings?

How Swiftly,
have we become mindless,
to sweet mindfulness?
the ambiance
of noon,
and the peacefulness
of the riverside,
gurgling and moaning

How quickly
are we reborn?
as time freezes,
trees are bleeding,
and nature is aborted,
like a stupid dream?
the stench of alienity
reeks our nostrils
change comes like the reaper,
murdering our root
and planting foreign seedlings

How rapidly,
have we turned,
into zombies,
completly obtuse,
to the endless decay
that rocks our reality?
how fast are we to delay?
watching as we smoke
our visions up in chimneys
as our history becomes
mere memories
marred forever.




Written By @Josediccus


All Images Owned By Me

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