Why "Value Quota System" Will Determine Who Is Rich Or Poor In The Future

The Ultimate Value

Mary Njoku the wife of Iroko TV owner; business mogul and multi-millionaire talked about how value isn't synonymous with a degree when it comes to business and this I totally agree.

Truth is, owning a degree in a human society where jobs are dwindling doesn't gurantee anything and this is to say that if people are lacking the creativity or ideas to establish dominance in a competitive world people would still remain poor irrespective of the fact that they have spent millions in whatever currency to acquire these degrees.

It baffle me when to know the amount of money people spend to acquire degrees and these degrees do not even give people real-time ideas to tackle real time issues which can in turn attract monetary interest.

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I get that Ideas comes as a result of the creative concept of people but if education is expensive the way it is currently, don't you think it should relatively do better in terms of empowering people to cultivate that million dollar idea that can create wealth and empower other people too?

In reality most educated people I know have a dependent mindset, this is to say that they are hardly find the need to be versatile, they feel since they have been educated it would be a wastage of their brilliance for them to learn manual skills or any form of skill or start again with learning how to add value to make money without their degrees being responsible.

Real time Skills/Money

It's largely unbecoming; lets face it, two plus two in school is two, but if you equate this to a real time life experiences you'll get even something different, sometimes the economic and financial skills people acquire don't help them in handling a real-time problem.

while what they learnt at school seem quite synonymous with what they know, a fresh graduate with zillions of degree as an economics might study the market trends, analyse economic situation and still fail woefully as an investor in real-time despite the fact that he's go a lot of A+ as a seasoned economist with a master's degree.

Why is this so? Life is huge, the lessons taught in schools are limited, the knowledge seems synonymous but life evolves.

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Why does a stark illiterate own a mega multi million company while seasoned graduates are working and getting monthly paychecks? This is because to be a businessman is about having the gut and having the ideas and then having the gut to sell those ideas in a way which people can part with their valuables to buy into these ideas as a service that has an important impact to play in their lives.

Having a marketing degree doesn't give you the base core idea to sell a marketing copy, when the ideas aren't originally there, you degrees can't be the source. Nowadays people see having a degree as an investment.

I see a degree as something that should polish an already in-built skill, an Idea or an ability and not create it out of thin air. I believe the only way this can be realised is if the cost of education worldwide will reduce to such a sizeable amount of general affordability.

Quota Driven System?

I use to watch a lot of post-apocalyptic movies and saw how they built a system where people are rich and valuable depending on the contribution they bring to the table; many would call it fiction. But then this is where the world is heading to and all signs point to it.

The mentality that degrees are the ultimate thing is somewhat misleading. It's surprising that must tutors in some third world countries are relatively poor while the education is expensive in these countries, so where then does all the money go? This post isn't anti-degree, I'm a degree chaser myself, but this is only to polish my résumé and not to decide my financial constitution.

In Africa countries like Nigeria, graduates Ruth B.sC's will earn lesser in the future, unless they can bring value far above their degrees and this is typically to say when you know your onions you will earn whatever you want either working for yourself or for someone.

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